February 23, 2015

^^^ A shameless plug for our event this week! The Maker's Market is a brand new event we've created, and it has seen such a great response so far. The last time I counted we have fifty-seven students coming to sell anything from t-shirts to photographs to art prints to lamps to jewelry to baby stuff to Harry Potter stuff to cards to blankets to scarves, and I am so excited. And you guys, I have seen a lot of the stuff people are selling and it's the real deal, not just some weird anime doodles from their class notes. Seriously, if you live in Utah County bring all your cash (some people are using squares, but you know cash is always best at these things) and I'll see you Wednesday night. Check out the facebook event page (including pictures of a few things being sold) here: https://www.facebook.com/events/485558468251385/

Okay, sorry.

I just don't even have any pictures from the last week I can post! Partly because I'm awful at remembering to take pictures and equally awful at taking quality pictures when I do remember, but also partly because Stefan and I have been full-time babysitters since last Wednesday and it has been crazy. 

But even during a crazy week it's good to remember the happy things. Actually it's probably best to remember them during these kinds of weeks. And, so:

// Actively participating in a campus career fair for the first time and killing it. inmyhumbleopinion. / Making time to be part of a study group for my history test and reaping the benefits big time. Seriously, killed it on that essay question. Quick, someone ask me to compare ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. / After killing both my history test and the career fair, treating myself to Jimmy John's for lunch. (Also has anyone been to that new place next to Jimmy John's in Provo? Baked? It looked so good, definitely next on my list.) / Making it onto the dance cam at the men's volleyball game three times with one of the kids we're watching. #babysittingwin / Stefan watching the kids while I went for a run. (his idea) / Sleeping in a king size bed with a down comforter all week. / Having my policy petition to take a class this spring approved! / Cosmo coming to our Cub Scout banquet and staying so long and being so fun with all the kids. // 


Lesa Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What? Why didn't I see you on the dance cam!? Too bad we can't record the games we stream... And Cosmo came to your Scout Banquet? How awesome is that! Sounds like a pretty good week to me. You'll have to tell me sometime about the difference between Egypt and Mesopotamia; you know how I love that stuff. :)

Stefan Van De Graaff said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Erin... Blog post about the difference between Egypt and Mesopotamia. ASAP

Erin van de Graaff said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh no, maybe they don't show it all on TV? I don't know! Bummer. You would have loved it. I was copying all the 7-year-old's moves, so it was some pretty good dancing. And Cosmo came as the secret "special guest!" So fun, mostly for me.

Erin van de Graaff said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'll go ahead and post a picture of my A+ answer when I get my test back.

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