February 25, 2015

Yesterday was our last day of babysitting five kids for six days. None of the kids practiced the piano as much as they were supposed, no one ever went to bed or woke up on time, two kids stayed home sick from church on Sunday and school on Monday, two different kids were stranded at school for forty minutes before someone finally picked them up, most vegetables went uneaten, and way way way too many hours were spent playing video games. I think we managed to have some fun, but it was a long six days. At the end of it all when Stefan and I were cleaning the house yesterday morning before we left, a miracle happened. I reached down to grab a sock that was halfway under a chair in the room where we slept, and I found my water bottle that's been missing for months! Missing since the last time we babysat these kids, apparently.. the first week of December.. It had been under that chair the whole time! It isn't the world's greatest water bottle - the straw part never stays down. And yes, it still has the Michael's Secret Stuff paper on it from our Halloween costumer I never posted.. So happy to have it back.

Stefan and I were kind of excited to get back to our normal lives, so we decided to celebrate last night! It was nice to have some one on one time, which it turns out is hard to get with five kids around. First we headed to the book sale at the Provo Library. (Which is still going on until 7:00PM today!) Hard cover books are a dollar and paper back books are fifty cents! I tried to look through more grown up books, but it was kind of overwhelming, so I headed to the kid section. I originally heard about the book sale from a friend who said she used to go there and buy childrens books even before she had kids. The books are such a good deal, and she wanted to teach her kids to love to read from an early age. So I thought that was pretty good logic, and I went right ahead and did the same thing! Stefan helped me narrow it down to about half of what I found. Plus he found three grown up books for himself. 

(And no, this buying childrens books thing is not a pregnancy announcement so hold all your jokes. As if this is how I would do it, in the middle of a random blog post. AS IF.)

After the library my cutest husband ^^^ was craving Thai food so we tried Thai Ruby just south of campus for the first time. The food was really good. Stefan had pad thai and obviously I had curry. But all the names were fairly difficult to pronounce so we ordered the American way by using the little codes for each dish, which always makes me feel like I'm playing Battleship. "I'll have N4." "C5." *destroyer sinks* Hahaha anywaaay.. Stefan also has this cute thing about supporting small restaurants, so we left happy. Also I should have taken a picture of our parking spot. Literally about five feet from the building, parked parallel to the front window. Their parking situation is pretty.. ambiguous.. but the hostess said we were fine where we parked, so. Now you know. Snag that spot next time you're there!

We ended our night out at Sodalicious because we hadn't been in just about the longest time ever. I still can't ever bring myself to order anything other than a Southern Gentleman extra dirty, but I'm not exactly trying to branch out either.. 

So here's to miracles, cheap books, Thai food, and soda. It was a great day. And if you live in Provo or close enough to it, don't forget about the BYU Maker's Market tonight! I'm serious, check out the things people are posting on the facebook event page. The handmade items people are selling are seriously incredible. Over fifty student vendors will be there so come shop and support them - and me! https://www.facebook.com/events/485558468251385


Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Miracles are the best. If be asked to speak on miracles in church so I may use this blog post, or parts of it, for my talk.

Erin van de Graaff said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

hahaha, I am very interested to know how you would tie this miracle story into the Gospel. Keep me posted.

missy said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Erin, you should know that your dad is the best at making anything an analogy for the gospel. I can't wait to hear his talk. :) (I always get the curry, too... Yum!!)

Erin van de Graaff said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Good point. If anyone could do it with my water bottle story, it's him!

Denise said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh Erin...babysitting and miracles! My first thought was that they secretly took it the first time around, felt so bad they decided to bring it back! hahaha. What a WEIRD mind I have!
Glad it is back though...and glad you got some alone time to do FUN things!
And now MY mind is whirling around trying to come up with a gospel analogy ....

Always love reading your blog!!!

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