March 31, 2015

Last weekend started out great and totally normal. It also ended that way. Somewhere in the middle, it got a little weird. But I've heard life is all about the endings anyway. 

Friday morning I worked on a group project, bought some groceries, and started cleaning our apartment. By Friday afternoon I was in the process of cleaning out one of our closets when I went to move a big box and accidentally tugged at the chord of a glass lamp sitting on the shelf right above me. All the sudden, as I was still looking down to move the box, the lamp came crashing down on my head and shattered all around me.

I realized right away my head hurt a lot more than just an every day "oh I bumped my head, wait a minute and I'll be fine" kind of thing. I rested on the couch for a minute, but I wasn't feeling dizzy. My head just hurt. After a few minutes I put my hand to my head and realized it felt really warm. When I pulled my hand back down and saw some blood, I tried to go look at the cut in the mirror. But the cut was on the top/back of my head so needless to say it was hard for me to get a good view. 

After calling my mom to ask what the heck I was supposed to do (duh) I called Stefan to let him know what happened. He asked me to send him a picture, but trying to get a picture was even harder than trying to see the cut in the mirror. I ended up taking a video, moving my phone all around that part of my head and hoping it captured the problem. Turns out I was holding the phone really close to my head plus the blood was dripping down my hair, so the cut looked massive and the whole video made everything look super awful and gross and worse than it was. But I sent it to Stefan anyway, and told him it felt like there might be a piece of glass stuck in the cut, too. You know, the kind of phone/video/text message combo every husband loves to get while he's at work.

I decided I needed someone to come look at it for me, so Stefan asked one of his friends to come over. And I seriously am so grateful for Dalin! I wasn't really too scared or nervous, but I also had never had a head injury and who knows I could have been concussed or something. I really wanted someone to come look at it and help me decide if I needed stitches. 

Dalin came over and looked at the cut closely with a flashlight like a real life EMT. He said it was fairly small, but there was definitely a piece of glass in there. I told him he didn't need to drive me to Urgent Care because I felt completely fine, but he still followed me all the way into the parking lot just in case. So, so nice. He also helped me clean up a bunch of the shattered glass before we left the house.

The doctor and nurse at Urgent Care were great. I didn't have to wait long, and I wasn't in the back long either. They just gave me a few numbing shots (FIVE, OW. Probably the most painful part of the whole experience. "This is going to pinch then burn" X5. OW), took out one shard of glass, gave me one stitch (and a tetanus shot), cleaned out my bloody hair, then sent me on my way. 

I really felt fine, besides the constant pinching feeling where they put the stitch. I decided to take the afternoon off of cleaning out the rest of the closet and treated myself to a bowl of ice cream and an episode of Mulaney, which kind of disappointed. Not the ice cream. The whole time I was watching I kept thinking, "You are no Jerry Seinfeld." So, probably not a show I'll ever get into. 

That night we went with some friends to the food trucks (where I found the word's best mac and cheese, complete with shredded chicken and pico, from the Mad Mac truck) and the dollar theater (Interstellar round two), then made homemade grapefruit ice cream with the most user-friendly, seriously fast ice-cream-maker in all the land. So it was a really great end to the day.

Although it proved pretty difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position for the next few days. I couldn't lie on my right side at all - even on my back with my head turned to the right - because it irritated my sore spot. But they gave me the tetanus shot in my left arm, so I couldn't be on my left side either! I guess I must move around in my sleep a lot because it was hard for me to stay in one position all night. I kept waking up and feeling like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Okay maybe that's extreme, but I felt so beat up. And I've never had stitches before (well I guess I still haven't had "stitches." I've had a stitch.) and it was kind of weirding me out sometimes to think about what they did to my head. Anyway.

Saturday was really slow and somewhat unproductive, but it ended with friends and the creamery, then friends and homemade kettle corn. So like I said, it's all about the endings. Oh we also watched Little Miss Sunshine (edited, holler if you want to come watch it (also I just accidentally typed Sunshins and almost left it)) and who knew Beverly from The Mindy Project is the pageant official at the end!? Hahaha, so funny.

So thank you BYU Health Center Urgent Care, but mostly thank you to everyone else I spent time with last weekend. You were the real highlights.

** This happened the weekend before last, it just took me a long time to post about it. As of yesterday my head is stitch-free! Which means I finally really washed all my hair last night. 


Nathan said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Liked your Sally reference.

Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Chucks of glass in the head...dang...I hate it when that happens. I glad you pulled through. Was it the bonk on the head that caused you to make grapefruit ice-dream? I've never had but I think I'd like it.

Krystle Perkins said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh my gosh.

Your husband has such nice friends and I am so happy that you went to the doctor and that they took our that piece of glass. Like what! crazy lighbulb cover thing.

Erin van de Graaff said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

The friend who had the ice cream maker chose the flavor! It was goooood.

Erin van de Graaff said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Seriously, look out for those lightbulb cover things - they'll get you!

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