April 27, 2015

Stefan and I made a mini spring break getaway to California last week. I had a free plane ticket, and he had connections near LA. We did a lot of shopping, a lot of hiding from the wind and rain, and then we spent a whole day at the second happiest place on earth! (I will argue with you 'til the day I die that Disneyland pales in comparison to Disneyworld. But! A Disney park is a Disney park and when I'm in a Disney park I am one happy girl.)

So, in honor of our very happy day here are a few tips to make sure you have a great time at Disneyland:

1. Keep in touch with friends who live near Disneyland! They might just let you stay with their (parents) for free, have an aunt who is able to get you into the park for free, and have a boyfriend who will let you borrow his second car for the vacation days you aren't at Disney. Someday I really hope we live in a cool place people want to visit so we can pay it forward to our friends the same way.

2. Start your day with a treat. What's the first thing we did in the park you ask? Well we used the restrooms.. and then we bought rice crispy treats!

3. Head straight for the Radiator Springs (Cars) ride, first thing. By the time we made it to the park they were all out of Fast Passes for this one and we didn't want to wait eighty minutes in line so we almost skipped it. Which would have been a huge mistake! Instead we jumped into the single rider line and we both ended up in the same car with a cute little Asian family after waiting only thirty minutes. Do not skip this ride! I repeat, DO NOT SKIP RADIATOR SPRINGS RACERS. It is insaaaanely fun and well made.

4. Oh, and definitely download the DL Waits app on your phone. Super reliable and even when it wasn't, we waited less time that it told us we would.

5. Never give up on Toy Story Mania. I was beating Stefan the whole time, but he won in the end thanks to that last screen where you just go crazy. He ended up beating me by over ten thousand.. BUT I WAS WINNING THE WHOLE TIME. Never give up. Never get lazy on that last screen!

6. Okay, we totally missed it on this one. Don't eat lame burgers and pizza for lunch unless you really want them. First of all, bring your own food if you don't want to spend tons of money. Since we got in for free, we splurged a little. But we ate at one of the dozen burger and pizza places, then later we saw millions of people walking around with soup in bread bowls!? Which would have been perfect on our chilly, overcast day. So all I'm saying is, really scope out all the food options before you choose.

7. More food info. I found this tip on another girl's blog and it was awesome. When you go to buy Dole Whips over by the Tiki Room, go into the outside waiting area in front of the Tiki Room and get in line there! That line moves ten times faster than the outside line!

8. When you're exiting the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and you see a Disney cast member walking into the ride from the back entrance with a couple of people following closely behind her, make eye contact with the people behind her because at least one of them is probably a celebrity. AKA, STEFAN SAW SELENA GOMEZ AT DISNEYLAND.

9. But also a ton of middle school choir girls saw Selena Gomez at Disneyland and they were all in front of us in line for the Haunted Mansion and they must have called five of their other friends to yell at them on speaker phone about how they saw Selena Gomez........

10. Don't go see World of Color unless you get prime seating in the front where no tall people/people holding up their phones to record the whole thing can block your view. I couldn't see anything so five minutes in we bailed to get in line for Tower of Terror. 

11. Apparently, get in line for Tower of Terror at 9:59pm because the wait time said sixty minutes, the cast member at the entrance told us forty-five minutes, then we actually only waited twenty minutes because everyone else was busy stretching their necks trying to catch a glimpse of World of Color.

12. When the twenty-three year old girl and her crazy thirty-eight year old male friend in line in front of you for Tower of Terror ask you to go get drinks in Downtown Disney after the ride... no.

13. And finally, I'm not saying "must love disney" should be at the top of everyone's list when trying to find a husband... I'm just saying it makes life a lot more fun.

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It might not have been your laziness on the last screen as much as it was me leaning into you haha...

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