April 21, 2015

Surprise! We flew to Chicago for the weekend to surprise Stefan's dad for his birthday. Actually we surprised most of the family because only a couple people knew we were coming. But the best surprise of the trip was when we picked up our niece from school and she completely missed us and just headed for her mom. It seriously took her a solid two minutes to realize we were there. hahaha.

We spent the weekend playing outside, eating at a favorite restaurant, visiting family friends, and unfortunately studying because somehow we're making a habit of leaving town during spring finals every year. Luckily this is the last year we have to take them! One of the big highlights of the trip was our birthday dinner for Stefan's dad. We had a professional chef come teach us how to make a Dominican-Lebanese fusion dinner! Stefan's sister had cooked with him before and he was so great they brought him back. We spent a few hours learning from him and drooling over everything he helped us make. Best birthday dinner I've ever been to! 

// I had my first day of training for my internship and got my free Rec Center pass! Already used it once. You know I'm going to wear that thing out. / When I bought new sandals and wore them right away because it was so hot, and then it snowed the next day? but melted really quickly and warmed right back up. The real good news is that I have finally joined the saltwater sandals club! I've wanted to join for a while, but I guess I always told myself they were too expensive? They're totally not! Especially since they supposedly last years. I'll keep you posted. I bought the tan ones, and I kind of already want more, but I'm struggling to decide what other color my pale feet can pull off. Anyway, one week in and I love them a lot. / Noooo moooore classesssss. Until next week when I start new ones. But I had a couple professors this semester who were really starting to get to me, and the thought of never sitting in their class again makes me happy. / Finally, most importantly, I re-watched She's All That last night because after taking two finals yesterday all my brain wanted was a cheesy 90's chick flick and some ice cream. And I know I can't exactly say "Oh, this movie takes me back!" because I think I was probably seven when it came out.. But I think I can still kind of say it because I distinctly remember watching that movie with my best friend, and my older sister and her best friend who were babysitting us. So that movie does take me back. Simpler times, you know. I really like that movie. There are probably three small parts that I think, no, leave that out. But as far as 90's high school romantic comedies go, it's a good one. Also, Freddie Prinze Jr. is so cute. Can I write a whole post about how cute Freddie Prinze Jr. is in She's All That? Can I somehow time travel to 1999 as a teenager so it's socially acceptable for me to have a big crush on him? These are the important questions in my life right now. //

Also, I don't know how I just watched this video for the first time yesterday when it has been going around the internet for so long.. but I did just watch it yesterday, and I loved it. I don't necessarily love Maroon 5, but who wouldn't be excited if this happened at their wedding!? Even if they probably only played one song and parts of this were likely staged.. Don't care. Favorite parts: the guy sitting down who gets so excited at 1:18. The cook at 2:12 hahahaha. The Asian dad/grandpa gettin it at 2:46. The groom's face at 4:53.

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