April 06, 2015

// Clicking SUBMIT on two big group projects, two days in a row. / Not going to the dentist for five years, then going and having no cavities. / Finding out you have no cavities and then eating all the sugar in the whole world because you feel like you deserve it. / How quiet Provo was on Saturday night when I went to run errands during the Priesthood Session of General Conference. / How much I unexpectedly loved The Godfather. / Grandparents who always stock up on, and offer you, the exact same drinks and snacks. / The little girls who stopped me and gave me a dandelion. Actually it was their mom because they were too shy. "Would you like a flower? They really want to give you a flower." / Going to my first BYU baseball game with my husband who answers "both" when I ask "hotdog or popcorn?" / Two of my best friends got engaged last week! //

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