May 31, 2015

^^^ The teenage boys in our church put an American flag in every front yard in the neighborhood for certain holidays, and I love it. I wish I could have gotten a picture looking down our street, lined with flags. You can imagine it though, and it's awesome, right?

A week or so ago when Stefan called to ask me on a date, we didn't end up seeing The Theory of Everything. Instead, we opted for American Sniper. We usually don't watch R-rated movies, for a couple of reasons. In our church we're encouraged to avoid them, I often can't handle the swearing or the violence, and neither of us enjoy the crude jokes. I've mentioned a couple times all the edited R-rated movies we've bought over the last year, and we've really enjoyed them. But every now and then we'll make an exception and watch an R-rated movie as is, swearing and violence and all, if we feel good about it. A lot of the time we'll go with a rated R movie when it's based on a true story, and we feel like the editing may take away from what's real and important. We both had heard awesome things about American Sniper, so we decided to go for it - once it made it to the dollar theatre, obviously. 

The older man taking tickets told us in his most humble, most proud-to-be-an-American voice, "If you're a patriot, you'll cry." I'm not one to cry at movies, so I won't lie to you and tell you I did during this one. But I did get chills when they showed real footage from the day of Chris Kyle's funeral. Stefan said he teared up at that part, too. The whole movie was incredible. The bravery and selflessness, the love and friendship and real, honest, true patriotism. America really is the greatest country in the world if we have those kind of soldiers out there fighting for us. And I know we do! I could never thank all our military enough for their service. I also think American Sniper gave me a better glimpse into the lives of our soldiers' families than I've ever had in the past. True heroes, all of them. 

And then it was Memorial Day! I went on a run along the river trail and look what I found - the absolute sweetest thing. So actually I parked my car near the trail, ran half the distance I wanted to go, then turned around and ran back to my car. So I saw everything twice, right? But I only noticed this memorial on my way back. I don't know how I missed it the first time, but I think this man sitting in front of it caught my attention the second time. I'm glad he did. I'm not sure how long he sat there thinking about our nation's heroes, but his example caused me to stop and think of them too. Looking back, I wish I would have stopped to talk with him. I have a feeling he would have had some great thoughts and stories to share.

I'm so happy I live in the greatest country in the world! And I cannot wait for the 4th of July - favorite holiday for sure. And finally, I ended my Memorial Day with a little shopping trip and check this out - on sale. I seriously always find the greatest treasures at Kohls. Good old American department stores. God bless the USA.

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