May 16, 2015

^^^ world's bravest, sweetest, most handsome human

I love my husband one million and I know some people are not into social media PDA, but this is my blog and I will do as I please! Being married is actually the best thing in the world, and here is the proof.


The other day, Stefan called me just before four o'clock, and I answered, "Hi."

"Hi, is this Erin?"
"Hi, this is Stefan, from school. Do you remember meeting me, in the library?"
"...Yeah, yeah I do. Hi, Stefan."
"Hey. So I know it's kind of last minute, but I was wondering if you're busy tonight. Or if you're free, if maybe you're free tonight?"
"Yeah, actually I am free."
"Cool, me too! Well, obviously. Or else I wouldn't be asking you.. (under his breath) Stupid. ...So I was just wondering, do you like food?"
"Haha, I do like food."
"Great, because I was thinking maybe I could take you out to get some food. - To eat. Take you out to eat.."
"Out to eat food!"
"Haha, yeah out to eat food!"
"Yeah I do like food."
"Okay, great, and also, do you like movies?"
"Yeah, I do, I love movies!"
"Me too, I love movies! So there's a dollar theater here in Provo and they're showing some good ones. One of them is called The Theory of Everything. Have you heard of that one?"
"Yeah, I have, I heard it got great reviews!"
"I heard that too! So maybe we could see that one?"
"Yeah, that sounds great!"
"Okay, great. I haven't thought of where to eat yet, can you think of anything that sounds really good? Didn't you say there's a new burger place in town?"
"Oh, yeah! I can't remember the name of it, but I know where it is."
"Okay, great. So I'll just pick you up and we can head over to it."
"Sounds perfect. What time were you thinking?"
"Maybe six or seven? I haven't checked the movie times yet, so maybe I can check them and then text you?"
"That's perfect."
"Okay, so then I'll see you later?"
"Yep, see you tonight!"


I never thought I'd be the kind of wife who would wake up my husband at six forty-five in the morning to come kill a spider for me. But I guess when the need arises and the option is readily available.. 

Okay, but that spider was hugeHUGE. We had a staring contest for about ten minutes. Then just as I was about to muster up some courage and go after him myself, he started running. And he was fast. 

Luckily I have the nicest husband in the world. He got out of bed, I handed him a shoe, and we tiptoed into the kitchen together. But right as we made it into kitchen, the world's biggest eight-legged creature crawled under Stefan's soccer bag! We each took a couple turns kicking and shaking and lifting and dropping the bag, but we couldn't see him anywhere. Finally Stefan started pulling at the zipper and the monster appeared. It took Stefan three swings to totally get rid of him. He was huge and fast. and ugly. The best part may have been that I described the spider to Stefan as being "pitch black and huge" but when he finally came out of the soccer bag, he totally wasn't black. Stefan goes, "Are you sure that's him!?" And I unconfidently assured him, "There wouldn't be TWO huge spiders in our house, hiding in the exact same spot!" ...right? There weren't, as far as we know.. Stefan was great and smart and inspected everything in the bag and the surrounding area. And then he went back to sleep, because he deserved it.

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