June 05, 2015

^^^ I actually am not a fan of this picture, but this is all just for documentation, right?

Last Saturday was the best day I've had in a long time.

Most of May was full of rainy days (which I love, don't get me wrong), a lack of exercise/the outdoors because of work and school, and really poor eating choices. But suddenly, all the heavens opened on Saturday. 

It was sunny. It was eighty degrees. I went to Stefan's soccer game. I went on a hike/nature walk/sit by the stream and talk with my bff, Meg. I talked on the phone for a long time with my sister and then Alexa. I made a healthy smoothie. I went for a run. I got ready for the day at like, 4:00PM. Stefan and I got Thai food. Mine was delicious and contained vegetables (which I ate! and enjoyed!) and I stopped eating before I got so full I regretted the dinner completely AND I refrained from ordering the Dr. Pepper that I reeeally wanted. (!!!) We went on a long walk along the river with our friends. Stefan held my hand. We ate frozen yogurt. We watched Jurassic Park (I ate popcorn). And the whole day was beautiful and perfect and I went to sleep so, so happy.

I'm choosing to not remember the part where I took two stats quizzes in roughly twenty minutes without doing any of the assigned reading. Sometimes you need a day off! A lot of the time I forget that. But ohhh man, this day off was worth the bad quiz scores, the sink I left full of dirty dishes, the grocery shopping trip I didn't take. Instead of clean dishes or full cupboards, I got a sunburn and nine mosquito bites and it was a great, great day.

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