July 13, 2015

Last month we drove up to Idaho to spend time with some of our very favorite friends! Stefan's best friend Taylor always raves about how fun it is up at his grandpa's farm in so we decided to make a weekended trip and see for ourselves. We pulled in late Friday night so the real fun started on Saturday. First things first, homemade hotcakes - not pancakes - hotcakes. And they were gooood. Then we spent some time in "town" ... we were in Ashton, Idaho.. just did a Google search and the population was barely over 1,100 in 2010. So. We went into "town" to do a little work/homework/shop the book sale at the library then obviously stopped in at the thrift store, which was basically a gold mine. Stefan got a $1 belt he has actually been wearing constantly so you know it was a success.

The rest of our day was spent shooting (I watched and photographed only - something about guns freaks me out. I didn't even like holding one), swimming, four-wheeling, and.. filming. Stefan and Taylor are well-known for their quality film making, and inspiration for an old western struck while we were up at the farm. All we needed was some legit costumes and once we found those tucked away in Grandpa's house there was no turning back. Click here to watch our masterpiece. We basically wrote the script as we went along. Personally I think my favorite part was Tara's minute long solo she sang totally impromptu. The whole song didn't make the cut, but go ahead and enjoy what did make it. After filming we spent the rest of the night hanging out inside being serenaded by Taylor's uncle on guitar and vocals, Tara on vocals, and Grandpa on harmonica. It was a good night. Sunday morning we went to church then drove up to Mesa Falls before we made the trip home. Honestly my first visit to Idaho exceeded expectations - I'm ready to go back!
^^^ Stefan pretending to lose his swim trunks in the current.
 ^^^ Taylor actually losing his swim trunks in the current and Tara stealing them for a good ten minutes.

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Looks like a lot of fun. The marathon in Ashton has been on my list for a few years now. Also, that guy with the two belts...he's a keeper.

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