July 17, 2015

My friends came to visit! I know these two are my real friends because they were also part of the group that drove all the way from Illinois for our wedding last year. When they were here last week we joked about how they were basically sleepwalking during that wedding visit. They had driven straight through the night to get to Provo and barely slept while they were here. Luckily they were more rested this time, and we took it pretty easy anyway. 

I've known Lorena since.. 7th grade I think! Definitely middle school. And we were in a pretty tight group of friends throughout high school. She and Mark got engaged a few months ago and right now they're doing this super fun road trip from Illinois to Denver to Provo! lucky me! to Reno to Crater Lake to Portland to Seattle to Yellowstone to home. Can you believe that!? 

So I'm including two Sodalicious pictures because we went twice while they were here... Did I mention they made it to town right before dinner on Tuesday and left Thursday morning? Plenty of time for over fifty ounces of caffeine and sugar! Tuesday night Stefan and I took them to Slab for dinner, then Sodalicious for.. dessert? drinks? Haha, Lorena mentioned how she hadn't heard of many places like this where you create your own soda mixes. I told her I'm pretty sure the reason we have a lot in Utah is because so many people here don't drink coffee or alcohol. So when other people say, "Want to grab some coffee/get a drink?" what are we supposed to say!? How are we supposed to have fun!? Soda. Mormons.

On Wednesday we went for a hike in the mountains! After I drove us around for seriously an hour trying to find the trailhead... we finally made it! We got rained on the whole way to the waterfall, so we decided to run through it since we were already soaked and freezing. Near pneumonia, if you ask Mark. ;) Fortunately the sun came out on our way back! Then lunch at home, a haircut for Mark while I went to a work meeting, the second Sodalicious run, a BYU tour and bookstore shopping trip, then dinner at the Creamery, a walk along the river, and home again. It was a low-key visit, but honestly so fun just to hang out with them. We don't get to do that enough!

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Fun times except for the almost-pneumonia. I glad you were able to spend more time with them this trip. And,how do I get a Sodalicious shop to Charleston? Or, better yet, my basement?

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