July 03, 2015

Happy 3rd of July! I looove love love the 4th of July, so to celebrate the day before this great holiday.. I'm going to talk about Israel. 

I think I have to begin this post back where the whole story started, several - but not that many ;) - years ago. In Israel! So, not that many years ago, Stefan's grandparents both moved - one from Canada and one from Amsterdam - to Israel to live on a kibbutz and study Hebrew. They met there and fell in love, eventually getting married, having children, and raising those children in Israel. All of the family now lives in the US and while several have been back to Israel to visit, the entire family had never been back all together. So this summer they did it! 35 Galbraith family members spent 10 days in Israel for one of the coolest family reunions to ever exist. 

I'm calling this post the "preview" because these are only the best iPhone pictures from the trip. The rest of the pictures from everyone's nicer cameras will come later - but for now here are some glimpses into our fun reunion!

1. The view on our flight from Salt Lake City to JFK. I have a thing for clouds and sunsets lately. // 2. Stefan trying to wear out his nieces before the long red eye flight from JFK to Tel Aviv. // 3. Stefan's brother and his wife have the world's cutest babies and we snuggled them as much as we could!

1. Our first stop was Jerusalem for a week! The views of the city never disappointed. // 2. Shopping at the markets in the Old City was so fun! Especially at night with all those lights. // 3. Our hotel had a rooftop pool with a view. If you look closely you can see the BYU Jerusalem Center in the background!

1. The best Israel tour guide on the hottest day of the trip, at Masada. // 2. The Old City at night. // 3. At one point we were all looking for ice cream and somehow got split into two groups - I was with one and Stefan was with the other. When we all finally found each other again we realized both groups had found ice cream, bought some for themselves, and bought some for everyone in the other group! Stefan and I both bought each other our favorites so that's how I know we're in love.

1. The view of the Temple Mount from Gethsemane. // 2. CUTE. Seriously the best part of traveling to cool places is doing it with this guy. // 3. The Dome of the Rock! We took a great family picture in front of this that I'll post later.

1. Blue skies our whole trip and beautiful pink and purple flowers everywhere I turned! // 2. We visited the shop in the Old City markets where all the BYU kids go (you can buy BYU Jerusalem Center shirts and scripture cases in the back), and the owner mentioned my uncle Chad's name before I could ask if he knew him! Turns out they know each other really well - my uncle has spent a lot of time studying and teaching in Israel. Shaban and his son were so nice, I'm glad we made it to their shop after trying a few different times! In fact after we left Shaban chased after us through the crowded market for about five minutes to give us a big plate of baklava. // 3. Our hotel was only a few blocks away from the Garden Tomb!

1. The other twin! Those babies are so cute and happy and nice and fun. I would like all my future kids to be just like them, please. Especially when it comes to traveling - they were TROOPERS. // 2. Fantas all the tiiime. // 3. A day of swimming in the Sea of Galilee. (By far my favorite part of the trip, I can't wait to write more about it!)

1. The Sea of Galilee at sunset. mmm. This was taken one night when Stefan was having some bro time with his cousins so I sat by myself on the beach for a while and it was one of the highlights of the whole trip for me. // 2. The Jordan River before church. // 3. A hymnbook in Arabic!

I can't wait to post more soon - stayed tuned! I'm so grateful to be a part of this cool family and grateful for everyone who made this trip possible. It's definitely one we will never forget!

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