July 12, 2015

MONDAY: Seeing the school where Stefan's mom and her siblings attended was so neat! Some of the family went inside and took a look at all the students' records, and we had fun playing with babies while we waited outside. We stopped for lunch in New Jerusalem and one of the restaurant employees let me go behind the counter and shave my own shawarma meat! Of course it was one of those moments when the camera decided to be a little temperamental.. but we did get one, and I don't think I'll ever be able to forget how hot that thing was! After lunch we walked through a market and ended up buying some yummy.. spices? to make tea. We taste tested just about every flavor and ended up with pomegranate and a melon kind. So yummy! We walked back to the hotel through New Jerusalem with Stefan's mom and spent time in the pool that afternoon. Stefan and I legitimately spent an hour working on "Cirque du Soleil" tricks in the pool. I'm sure all the people trying to sunbathe/nap were really impressed.

^^^ I loved seeing this Coke bottle in a different language but with that same classic Coca-Cola design. But don't get me wrong, this was not my Coke. I am a Dr. Pepper girl until the day I die and I was seriously missing my DP on this trip. I think I went with a Sprite this day.. Never a Coke.

^^^ I had been wanting to get a picture of some signs because they are all printed in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. So these were two we stood under while we waited to cross the street.. not really significant but something cool to remember.

TUESDAY: So hot! So busy! We woke up and made the drive to Masada - stopping for a photo op when we reached Sea Level, then continuing to drive way below sea level. So crazy. After exploring Masada and visiting the spot where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, we took a dip in the Dead Sea! Literally the craziest feeling to float in that water. It's so salty you can't even force yourself down into the water if you try, you just float! Once we got all the salt off our skin and out of our eyes, we visited Bethlehem. It was really special to visit some of the sites relating to Christ's early life - especially to see so many other groups there worshipping in their own ways. Our group took a few minutes to sing some of our favorite Christmas songs, which was really beautiful. On our way back to the hotel we stopped in a shepherds field and enjoyed an incredible view of Bethlehem.

^^^ Stefan told me this is the picture I'll show our kids when they ask what their dad used to look like.

^^^ Everyone hiding in the shade, every chance we got.


Nathan said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love the pic of Stefan and Natalie with her hands in the air. Also...I like the one of Stefan that you'll show your kids. You're funny, and so is he.

Stefan Van De Graaff said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks Nate! I think you're funny too :)

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