July 29, 2015

I lucked out with the most fun trip to Seattle with some of my very best friends a couple weeks ago! They all made the long drive from Illinois and I... made them pick me up from the airport. ;) We stayed in a hostel right across the street from Pike's Place Market, which was even better than I expected! (Not sure if I'm brave enough to try the true hostel experience yet - the seven of us filled a room so it felt like a big sleepover with my friends. Has anyone stayed in a hostel with total strangers? Even when I saw other people in the hallway or at breakfast, everyone kind of kept to themselves/their friends.) Anyway, the whole trip was just the best. Some iPhone pictures:

1. Frozen apple cider! FROZEN APPLE CIDER! 2. Flowersss in the market. 3. The view of the skyline from our ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. Hahaha I just typed "Brainbridge" and then had to Google it because that didn't seem right..

1. Seattle Great Wheel! It was a little pricey and some of us almost didn't ride it, but I'm so glad we all did! That ended up being one of the highlights for me. For some reason we all got really giddy up there and everything was hilarious. Also the views. Right, the views. 2. Haha, okay this is funny. Everyone kept talking about the "monorail" and I thought they were referring to those streetcars that go on the streets and are connected to cables above them. I was all, "Guys! It's not called a monorail!" ... Turns out there is a monorail in Seattle. And it's not the streetcar things. And we road it. 3. The sunset was obviously 100000 times prettier than this picture.

1. We found this wall early on and ended up visiting it three times so everyone could get a picture with it. 2. Da neeeeedle. Seriously, we spent so much time at Bite of Seattle under this thing. So many food trucks! 3. We found the best taco place in the market - cheap and yummy! Ate there two days in a row.

^^^ The view from our room, kind of fuzzy behind the screen.

^^^ I know it's a food picture, but it's a decent one right? Can't believe I didn't focus on those tots, though. They were the best part!

^^^ Paparazzi at our favorite wall.

^^^ My camera's autofocus is broken.. Deal with it.

^^^ Personalities? Also let's all remember how nasty those off-brand rings pops were.. Bleh.

PS : A post all about why we were in Seattle coming soon! It has to do with those nasty "ring pops."

Until then think about this question AKA the most heated debate of the trip/the whole universe: 
If you had to give up one of these foods for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Chicken Wings

Please comment/email/text/facebook message/tweet/snail mail your answer and don't answer wrong.


Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh, chicken wings for sure. There are so many more variations to the others three and variety is the spice of life.

Stefan Van De Graaff said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow. That's a pretty good argument! Didn't think of it that way.

Stefan Van De Graaff said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So first off...how are your pictures so amazing?? These ones seriously look pro. And secondly, my original answer was tacos because I love them but not as much as the other three. Then I changed to wings because of your dad's comment. But now I'm back to tacos because I love them but not as much as the other three. So. Tacos. Final answer, Regis.

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