August 19, 2015

^^^ Sunday napping. Highlighter clouds!? Stefan saving a puppy a few weeks ago. My favorite view.

A couple weeks ago I needed to use a lint roller on my black pants. I looked at the roller and decided there was already just enough lint stuck to it that I should tear off the top sheet and use a fresh one. After an entire sixty seconds of struggling to peel off that mildly lint-covered top layer, I dropped the whole thing on the carpet and my new, fresh layer was instantly covered in lint and hair and crumbs. Then I vacuumed. 

I need to find some nude shoes to wear to my friend's wedding, per the bridesmaid dress code. I want some that I'll keep wearing after the wedding, so for me that means not heels. I'm thinking I want to get some cute booties, so the other day I decided to look online and I straight up typed "nude booties" into Google. ..... .... .. . . ...... and stopped myself as my finger literally hovered above the enter key! Nude booties!? Stefan was dying. "Erin, if you want to see a nude booty, just ask me!" Hahaha. "Nude ankle boots" was the actual search used in the end. Thank goodness. (Also still haven't found any, so if anyone sees a good pair...)

Also tonight Stefan and I wanted to go on a date and when I suggested Jimmy John's for dinner he was basically appalled. Excuse me!? We totally ended up going there and it was the absolute best. Number one, no tomatoes, leave the bread in, buy some thinny chips and put them on the sandwich. HEAVEN.

I rediscovered cinnamon toast last week, straight up from reading another girl's blog where she mentioned it at least four times in one post. I love cinnamon toast.

I joined one of those Facebook garage sale groups to sell some of my stuff, but then a couple weeks ago I saw a cute little side table I really wanted for who knows what reason. So I told the guy I was interested, but then I forgot about it. A few days later he lowered the price to ten dollars and Stefan was all, "Offer him seven, he's desperate." .... Anyway, I said I'd give him ten but then forgot to pick it up! When I messaged him to apologize he said he was moving the next day and needed it gone so if we would come take it away it was ours for free. And that is how you work the Facebook garage sale system.


Stefan Van De Graaff said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This is my favorite blog post.

Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'll have to read that last paragraph later. I've got two slices of cinnamon toast calling my name.

Joel Galbraith said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love all the stories here!

Danica said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Good post! Cinnamon toast is the best. Especially on that super soft white bread you can get in utah. Grandma Sycamore's or something? Will you bring me some loaves when you to AZ? Also, Stefan can't show you a nude booty. Only a furry booty. That story was hilarious.

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