August 31, 2015

Last night Stefan and I were both feeling kind of like, "Oh, right. I guess we have school tomorrow. Where's my backpack?" We didn't do any back to school shopping - no clothes, books, supplies. We could barely remember the names of our classes this semester. It was a weird feeling. 

But still, we woke up early this morning and set out for our traditional first day of school donuts. Sidenote: We can never remember what corner Provo Bakery is on! We probably go once a month together, but we always end up in the right neighborhood driving in circles until we find that blessed corner. Even now, I can't remember. 100 North 200 East? 200 North 100 East?

I posted this on instagram already, but it was so funny. I got all excited about the cute pink frosting and when I asked Stefan was flavor he thought it was he goes, "It's probably regular vanilla dyed pink so children and you will get excited." Then five minutes later in the car I told him the pink frosting tasted good and he asked what flavor it was... "Sugar?" It seriously tasted like nothing. Except yummy sugar. MMM.

After school we tried to go to Pantrucas for dinner, but they're closed on Mondays so we ended up at Costa Vida. Which, we decided is yummy but so overpriced! When did that happen? I guess I never noticed.

I'm excited for this semester, but mostly for non-academic reasons. I'm excited for football games and basketball games... and volleyball games and soccer games... I'm excited to be at the point where I have lots of good friends in most of my classes. I'm excited to finally have made it to the promised land where classes only happen on Monday and Wednesday! *angels choirs sing* And now for all our viewing pleasure, here is a picture of me from my very first day at BYU and then a couple Stefan made me take this morning on our way out after he told me how cute I was fifty times.

..... I just spent a half hour looking for that picture of me on my first day of college and I cannot find it anywhere. I had long curly hair and honestly I think I was prettier back then, so now you have the full picture.


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