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August 15, 2015

Something finally happened that felt exciting so we took lots of pictures! And now there's a blog post! Stefan and I are both graduating in December, but I guess nobody wants to waste their Christmas break sitting through graduation ceremonies. Since our next chance to walk would in April, we (I) decided to crash the August graduation instead! Stefan was so, so nice to do this for me/with me. I know a lot of people could not care less about graduation ceremonies, but walking in ours was a big deal for me. Also I highly recommend graduating in August. Our convocation was super short and low key. My parents happened to already be in Utah, and it was fun to have them there watching us! Also photographing us. Super grateful those two Utah State Aggies let me come to BYU.

^^^ Testing the lighting.. or something...

^^^ Stefan's tassel is white because he's getting a Bachelor of Arts. Mine is yellow because I'm getting a Bachelor of Science. hahahaha science. It kills me every time! I am so awful at science!

^^^ Look who else graduated with a degree in Recreation Management! Lindsey Sterling actually performed during the ceremony, which was totally the highlight because the main speaker was a snooooozer. So she sat on the stand for the first half of the program, then when it was time for us to receive our diplomas she came and took her spot in line - right in front of me! She was really nice. We chatted with her, made jokes about not tripping, laughed at how the photographer taking pictures right before we got to the stage made Lindsey take three - take your hand off your waist, now don't tilt your head, jeeez.. Anyway then we saw her outside afterward so we asked her to take a picture with us. I told her she could keep her hand on her hip for this one. Also she looks flawless and I look like a TOMATO because it was ninety degreez.

I'm actually really glad I have one semester left at BYU. I like this place! Sometimes. Most of the time. I'm not sure I would say these past four years have been the best of my life, except that I did grow a lot as a person and I did meet Stefan so... thanks, BYU. 

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