September 02, 2015

I kind of feel like I've been unintentionally keeping some big secret, but it's only because I'm so nervous. 

I'm going to be part of a booth at Swiss Days this weekend! And I started an Etsy shop! There, I said it!

This blog has seen multiple posts about how I really feel the need to be creative. Last summer I started painting little things for myself or my family, all for fun. And it is fun. And it makes me feel awesome, if I'm being honest. 

Then my sister who lives in Midway mentioned trying to get a booth to sell things at Swiss Days, aaaaand somehow here we are.

Swiss Days is a big two day party that takes over Midway every September - they have two full days of live entertainment, tons of food, a parade, a race, Swiss Miss royalty, and hundreds of booths where mostly local people sell whatever awesome thing it is they make - art, jewelry, games, keychains, books, toys, clothing - youuu name it. Seriously, they cover that town square with booths on booths and it takes hours and hours to get by to look at each one. Honestly it kind of has a little Stars Hollow feel to it all, if you know what I mean. And I know she's just my older sister, but Paige would obviously be Lorelai here and I'll take Rory.

So you have to apply to have a booth - we sent in pictures of what our booth set up would look like, examples of what we'd be selling, etc. And somehow - how? - we got in! Let's be honest, it costs a pretty penny to get one of these booths, but since four of us are going in on it together it's not so bad. We'll have the things I'm selling, large and way way way more legit paintings, upcycled Golden Book journals, and the cutest little baby hair bows. We did a "dress rehearsal" earlier this week, and our booth is going to be sweet. Come see!

Seriously, this has been taking up so much of my time. And Stefan's... He deserves the world's biggest shout out and honestly probably an awesome prize for all the work he has put into this for me. He is the best there is! The best the best the best.

I'm really excited. I'm really nervous. It's hard to put myself out there like this. I don't have nearly as much finished as I wanted to, and no one has actually ever bought something from me so I have no idea if anything will sell this weekend. Also my best friend is getting married Friday afternoon and I have to be at the final Rooftop Concert Friday night, so this weekend is going to be literally insane.

Anyway, here's a link to the Etsy shop. Feel free to check it out and then comment, text me, show up at Swiss Days and let me know what you think!

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So cool! This sounds like so much fun. Starting an etsy shop is scary but I think it is so awesome that you took the plunge.

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