October 23, 2015

We'll probably have to name our baby boy George because that's where we found out he's a boy! In St. George, Utah. Kidding. About the name. The location, that's real.

We had such a good weekend in St. George! By now it's been three weeks since we were there, but believe it or not I can still remember how great it was.

Back in the spring I convinced my dad to come run the St. George marathon with me in October. I promise I tried really hard to train, and I honestly did want to run the whole thing with him so badly. But life, as it does, got in the way. I started growing this baby inside me and suddenly had less energy than ever before in my whole life, ever. Luckily when I bailed on my dad at mile sixteen he didn't seem too upset. He kept running and I hopped in the car to meet him at the finish line. Thank goodness my mom, sister, and Stefan were able to find us at mile sixteen! I was ready to call it a day after thirteen miles, but we were running through a canyon and they really couldn't get to us any sooner. My dad and I are so lucky to have the best support team when we go do this crazy stuff!

Sidenote: Once we made it to the finish line, I watched dozens of pregnant women finish all twenty-six point two miles! So if you think I'm crazy, I'm not. There are crazier people. You can find them running marathons with big bellies.

Anyway, that's why we were in St. George. But that isn't the first fun thing we did down there! On Friday evening we had our big* gender reveal. 

Stefan and I weren't always planning on finding out the gender so early, but at this point I am more than happy we did. We had an ultrasound appointment Thursday afternoon of that week, and Stefan could not wait so he found out the gender at the appointment and kept it a secret from me for a whole day! Also at the appointment.. the place where we went to find out the gender early (Fetal Fotos.. I hate weird names like that) sold those confetti/streamer cannons right there at the check-in desk. I don't know how Stefan talked me into it, but it ended up being really fun. And easier to clean up than we expected, thank goodness.

I also don't know how basically everyone guessed boy. Jeez! Full disclosure, I guess I was leaning a little bit toward wanting a girl before we knew. But the best part is that as soon as we knew we were having a boy, I was boy all the way. How can you be disappointed once you know the gender of the baby about to join your family and change your lives forever!? Seriously, we went shopping later that weekend and none of the baby girl stuff was even half as cute to me as the baby boy stuff. I'm so happy it took me less than a second to feel that excited. Also Stefan is the cutest and I can't wait to having a mini version of him to snuggle. In addition to snuggling the full size version, of course.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching General Conference, working on a puzzle, doing a little shopping, and sleeping. All my favorite things.

We are so grateful for everyone's support and congratulations and gifts and advice. We can't wait to meet this little boy, and the good news is we're almost half way done waiting! March 15th, we're coming for you.

*My parents and sister were there with us, we had one sister-in-law and nephew on FaceTime, and I think Marty the next door neighbor might have seen the whole thing. 


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Oh, Marty.

Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Actually that was one of the best weekends ever. Thanks for setting it up with the marathon invite/challenge and for letting us celebrate the gender reveal with you. Good times throughout from lunch at the Crazy Cow to listening to GC on the drive home.

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