October 20, 2015

+ Friends coming to visit! 

It is no secret Stefan loved his two year mission in Belgium/the Netherlands. Look how happy he is in this picture we took when two of his favorite Belgians came to visit! Marc and Hafida came to the United States - mostly Utah and Idaho - for two weeks to visit friends, visit lots of temples, attend General Conference, go to a BYU football game and a preseason Jazz game (Marc loves the NBA - American football, not so much), and a ton of other fun things. They were busy. We're so happy they spent some time with us in Provo! They came to church with us on Sunday and everyone there loved them instantly. Plus they both speak really, really great English so I didn't have to try to use my Dutch at all. HA. What Dutch.

+ I have a new job!

I was exhausted and not very happy at my old job, so I quit the Student Activities Board right before school started. I didn't work through all of September, and then I started feeling guilty. I wanted to have a job again, but with a full class load and a tiny baby stealing all my energy I really needed something low key. I told Stefan I wanted an easy, stress free job. Something fun. Maybe the kind where it's basically mindless and you can even be sneaky and do your homework. It also pretty much had to be on campus, because who else was going to hire me for two and half months and let me work fifteen or less hours each week? So thank heavens for the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum Store! I get to wear a beautiful blue polo and sell cool animal toys to cute kids. And be sneaky and do my homework. Basically everyone else who works in the museum is a freshman, but no one looks at me weird when I tell them I'm a senior. And married. And pregnant.

+ I only have two months of school left!

This level of Senioritis I have hit is new and really really intense. It isn't even that I'm lazy and would rather watch The Mindy Project instead of do my homework. I mean, that is also true. BUT, I also have two dozen other things I would rather do that I genuinely feel are way way way more important and valuable than writing lame papers and doing busy work for class. So yes, maybe I'm justifying it all worse than ever before. But this is a happy list, and the happy thing is that I only have two months left. Then I get to focus on planning for a baby and read whatever books I want and make more time for my family and my responsibilities at church and the time I spend making myself a better person. You know? And also Mindy Project, okay? 

+ This "news" about more Gilmore Girls episodes. I want it to happen so badly, but no one is even committed yet. So I can't get my hopes up. Anyway, this article explains it all so perfectly. For the record, I'm Team Jess. Logan is duuumb and Jess grew up really nicely. And no one likes Dean anymore.

+ Vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting + Maternity leggings (thanks, Mom!) + The yummy Costco frozen yogurt bars Stefan's grandpa gave us + When Stefan is on a business call so I text him to ask if I can go get us both Panda Express and he says yes + watching Seinfeld with Stefan + Finding the perfect old American flag at a random market! $15! Somebody get it on my wall, stat! + Taking alllll the surveys on alllll the receipts to get discounts, gas points, etc. + Stefan taking his grandpa to the football game when I had to work + The Cubs! I'm not a big fan, but I am happy about it. Also have you seen this video about all the things Back to the Future got right? haha

+ Quote from Stefan: "You know, this is what marriage is about. Panda Express and Seinfeld at three o'clock in the afternoon with my wife. In sweats. This is what I signed up for." 

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