October 24, 2015

One of my friends posted this on Facebook today, and I love it. I love that she worked for what she wanted. I love that she's happy. I love that over the past few years since I've known her, she and I have gone very different ways - we've both gone the way we wanted to go. We both have what we've always wanted. We're both happy. That must be one of my favorite things about life right now. I love knowing that we choose our happiness. We make our own happiness. And we can make whatever we want! My friend who posted this on Facebook works in accounting, for goodness sake. Would I ever want to do that? No. No no no. Even if I did, I don't think my brain is smart enough to make it happen. And you know what, I bet my accountant friend would be a little freaked out if she were going to have a baby in a few months. But here I am, pleased as punch! Life, you guys. Life is good.

On a similar note, life is not perfect. Things that look perfect, they are not. Why is it so difficult to recognize that in our own lives, but forget all about it when we look at others? Stefan and I have a lot of great things going on right now. We're both graduating soon. Stefan has great job offers lined up. We have a baby on the way. I just came home from getting a free massage! But life, is not perfect. And we may not always share the imperfect parts with the rest of the world. We may not even share them with people who are really close to us. Still, they exist. They exist, but they don't count for everything. In fact they don't have to count for much, if we don't want them to. We can look past the imperfections, or work to fix them, or do whatever it takes to make sure we are happy. I hope I always do whatever it takes to make my little family happy. So far, so good.

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'Negative things don't count for much if we don't want them to.' You're so right.

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