November 03, 2015

// My first Etsy order from a total stranger! This was a really big deal for me. / I have a new nephew! Baby Kevin! His family lives in Alabama, so I'm not sure when we'll get to meet him. But I am so happy he is here and healthy. / Stefan was out of town for a million years (not happy), but for half of those million years I had a basement full of guests and I loved it. I'm trying to enjoy all the visitors we get while we still live in Provo. Once we move away, not nearly as many people will want to stay with us. Provo is such a convenient spot for lots of people we love to come and see lots of people they love. / Nice people on campus who tell you when your backpack is unzipped and then zip it for you. / Caramel apple suckers. / Being part of my first Trunk or Treat as an adult! / Watching Seinfeld with Stefan every chance we get. / Walking to a friend's house instead of driving. / Ed at Master Muffler fixing both of our cars over the past couple weeks. And having all the quickest, best jokes in the land. / Roasting hot dogs in the mountains. / Having no plans for Halloween, and then having the best Halloween ever. We slept in, went to the temple, used our Olive Garden gift cards, went on a haunted hay ride, and got really competitive playing all the little bean bag toss/ring toss/football throw/horseshoe games, then the boys tried to save a runaway bunny that turned out to actually be a wild bunny. / But also, Halloween is over! November! Real holidays! / Counting how many days of school I have left. 10 days of class. TEN. //

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