November 23, 2015

I wrote this post almost two weeks ago, and I haven't published it because I was waiting to have any picture to include. I still have none. Here is is anyway.

.   .   .   .   .

I am ten hundred percent in love with my husband, and I want everyone to know it. So I'm going to start telling everyone about it every week. (..ish. You know how these things go.) Fun things we do, funny things we say, nice stuff we do, maybe dumb stuff we do but we don't do dumb stuff so nevermind.

This past week Stefan and I started feeling the baby move - a lot. It is the absolute coolest, sweetest thing I have ever experienced. I get to feel the tiny kicks a lot more than Stefan does, but the other day he told me, "You can always tell me when the baby is moving and I will always want to come feel it." So when he's around and I feel some kicks, I always tell him and he always comes and feels it. 

Also this past week, we started buying hot dogs again. Monumental, I know. We randomly bought some over the summer and strangely realized we both love them. We both love hot dogs, okay! Sue us! But obviously, we ran into that Father of the Bride frustration pretty quickly. Ten hot dogs per pack, eight hot dog buns per pack, heaven help us! So we got off that kick for a while. Then last week I was craving hot dogs again and lo and behold, heaven did help us. Eight hot dogs per pack! Eight hot dog buns per pack! A couple days ago I picked Stefan up from school and he asked me,

"Are we having hot dogs for dinner?"
"Well I already had one for a snack.."
"Okay, from now on hot dogs are Seinfeld!"
"We only watch Seinfeld together, we only eat hot dogs together!"
These are the things we value most in life.
(I'm not kidding, if either of us watched Seinfeld without the other, the other would be seriously hurt. This hot dog business just got real.)

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