December 28, 2015

One thing I love about Stefan is how he will spend an incredible amount of time researching something he wants until he finds the perfect thing. He'll spend hours and hours searching online, reading reviews, looking for deals - and he loves it. And he's good at it! This totally came in handy during our wedding planning. After he found the most charming venue for our reception - downtown Provo, perfect size, exposed brick walls and hardwood floor - and negotiated a great deal for it, he set to work finding the perfect honeymoon destination. Since we were married right in the middle of February, we could only get away for a couple days before we had to be back at school. We checked out some places near Sundance and Park City, but ultimately Stefan found exactly what he was he looking for in Salt Lake City - the Inn on the Hill.

Direct quotes from Stefan regarding this inn:

"This place is like Disneyworld for me."

"Honestly, I am speechless."

(Obviously no one associated with the inn asked me to write this post, we are just unabashedly passionate about it.)

So, Inn on the Hill is an old mansion located about a block north of Temple Square and a block south of Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City. When we showed up for our birthday visit earlier this month the receptionist started to check us in, but interrupted herself to go take cookies out of the oven. Freshly baked cookies! For the guests! Then she took us upstairs to our room and realized the fireplace wasn't working, so she upgraded us at no charge to the room with the best view of the city.

The fresh out of the oven cookies are such a plus, and the open to everyone hallway closet full of snacks isn't bad either. (Mini fridge with a full shelf of Dr. Peppers, sign me up.) But the best edible experience of this inn is the breakfast. Ohhh, the breakfast. The sweetest woman comes out of the kitchen each time to serve us in the dreamy dining room. We've had milk, juice, hot chocolate, fresh fruits, crepes, sausage, french toast, eggs, all to die for. It comes out quickly and it's hot and I swear that chef can do anything.

Okay, the rooms. The rooms! On our honeymoon we stayed in the Saltair. King bed (of my dreams) with a fireplace right in front of it, flat screen tv (cable and shelves of dvd's downstairs), big windows, and a massive bathroom (where Stefan got sick on day two of the honeymoon, but I'm telling you being sick in this bathroom would be better than being sick in any other bathroom. and yeah, I went down to breakfast without him.. I was not about to miss out on that meal). This time we booked the Saltair, but since the fireplace wasn't working we moved to Wasatch. Check out that city vieeeew. We left the blinds open the whole time.

The inn also has a reading room, games, and billiard room downstairs, but we've never spent much time there and we haven't seen other people spending much time there either. The rooms are too cozy, who wouldn't want to be snuggled up in bed next to a fire!? Anyway, the best part of this whole place might be the customer service. We felt right at home the minute we walked in, and they treated us even more warmly as return customers. Once they heard it was our birthday week and we were coming back after a great honeymoon stay, they treated us like royalty. 

So, now you know. If you're looking for a cozy, welcoming, unbelievably charming place to stay the night in Salt Lake City, don't say I didn't share my best kept secret with you! Stefan and I will definitely keep coming back to the Inn on the Hill for years and years, and years and years and years, and I already can't wait.

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