December 29, 2015

My sweet friends threw me a baby shower the week before we left Provo! December is such a busy month for everyone, I felt so special to have these incredible friends who would take time away from working, studying, taking finals, and everything else to spoil me for a couple hours. By now I think the whole world knows I'm not keen on cheesy baby shower games, so we kept it simple with some advice cards and matching crazy celebrities with the crazy names they give their babies. I did surprisingly well at that game! I tied with Cat, and she let me keep the prize - a Snickers bar I'm pretty sure Stefan ate for lunch the next day.

I'm bummed I didn't get a picture with Carly and her sweet baby Kinley before they left, but I have to say something about the pictures I do have. The auto focus on our camera is broken, so all of these were manually focused! That's the main reason Stefan and I haven't taken many good pictures the past few months - it's so hard to ask anyone to take one of us when manual focus is the only option. But look how well all my friends did! I kept handing someone the camera, trying to explain how to focus it (as if I know anything about cameras..), and then asking them to do their best. I'm so glad I did - totally worth having all these pictures to help me remember this shower!

^^^ Aimee is the sweetest. She had to work during the shower, but came early to help set up and give me a hug.

 ^^^ My freshman roommate, Lauren, and our honorary roommate, Bronte. Seriously, when I think of that apartment she is always there in my mind.

 ^^^ Kitty Catherine. This girl is the kind of quality, always there for you friend everyone wishes they had. Lucky me, because I have one!

 ^^^ Seriously, having random roommates throughout college treated me really well. You know how people say, "It was good to see you!" It is genuinely always good to see Lindsay. Every time I see her, I'm happier for it.

 ^^^ And the hostess herself. When a girl agrees to live with you for two and half years, coaches you through lots of wrong boyfriends and bad dates, throws your bachelorette party and then your baby shower, I think you know you've found a best friend.

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