December 23, 2015

^^^ Sorry if you wanted a picture of Stefan on his birthday - apparently I didn't take any? He got this one of me after I requested it, and after we struggled for probably fifteen minutes because I wasn't looking super hot by the end of the day... But look at me anyway, I'm twenty-three!

Couples whose birthdays are three days apart from each other have it made. Speaking from experience. The first week of December is a non-stop party for Stefan and me, and I really really love it. Lots of presents for both of us, birthday dinners, extra time with family and friends, out of the ordinary fun stuff, all week. And sometimes into the following weeks, because that's how it goes when you're spending birthday money and gift cards like they'll never run out. I love sharing it all with my fun husband. We also both agreed it's awesome our birthdays are far enough away from Christmas that there isn't too much celebration overlap, but still during the Christmas season when everyone is happy and the whole world lights up. I love December and I love birthdays and I love Christmas. <<< Another example of a sentence originally typed in all-caps, but ultimately toned down to save some face.

When I asked Stefan what he wanted to do for his birthday, his only real request was to eat a pizookie. He also kept forgetting about that request, and any time I brought it up he would get excited all over again. It was pretty cute. Stefan is also cute in that he likes to spread his presents out over the whole day. He opened two in the morning, one at lunch, and one after work. It kills me! I treat my birthday like I treat Christmas morning - wake up and immediately tear open all presents. 

Anyway, he spread out his gift openings, we went to the doctor for a baby check up, we both worked for a while, snuggled a lot, then played at the nickel arcade (Stefan wrecked me any time we competed, but I destroyed on Fruit Ninja. I seriously played it at least six times. All the little kids probably named me Weird Pregnant Lady Who Won't Let Anyone Else Play Fruit Ninja. whatever), and shared the best pizookie at The Chocolate. I'm a little sad and confused that was our first time eating there. Cozy little house and tons of great treats? We should have been going there weekly.

Stefan told me it was the best birthday ever, so I think that's a good sign. And we really have to take his word for it because, like I said, no pictures. I don't think he minded. It was nice to spend a full day together and not worry about stuff like that.

On my birthday, Stefan made me a yummy smoothie and bagel breakfast, I exercised (!!! I always becomes such a slacker in the winter, but my body needed a work out and it felt so good), and after we spent the day working and homeworking, we stopped for some ice cream and headed to Salt Lake! I lucked out this year with a Friday birthday, so our big, combined birthday plans fell on my birthday out of convenience. We grabbed a classy dinner at the City Creek food court, walked around Temple Square with friends, then headed to our favorite place in Salt Lake City, and that.. is getting its own post.

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