December 10, 2015

How to throw a pity party:

Step One: Make sure it's the second to last week of your undergrad and you have three unfinished papers dues tonight.

Step Two: After a stressful week of trying to sell your car, finally sell it. Sounds awesome, right? Except you have driven this car since you were sixteen! Fifteen. Maybe even fourteen, but just that one time with your sisters. You are unreasonably attached to this car, so you're definitely going to be sad about it. Oh, and you still need to sell your husband's car so you can get that newer one you both want.

Step Three: About a month or so ago you and your husband should have agreed to house sit/babysit five kids for three days. So you'll be right in the middle of that. Awesome.

Step Four: Don't forget to be pregnant! I know, it's awesome to be pregnant. It is literally the best thing you've ever experienced. But to complete this step, you'll want that spot on your back that constantly feels like it's being pinched to really flare up. And be sure to have the pregnancy heartburn come on strong.

Step Five: You'll want to plan on moving across the country in eight days. Perfect. You'll need an apartment, some new health insurance for your husband, a new doctor for you and the baby - you know, the easy stuff.

Step Six: Think about absolutely everything that goes into steps one through five all at once, all the time. And there you have it!

. . . . .

I'm not complaining, I just needed a break from these papers okay? I know my life is great, I know it is! But we all have those days, and sometimes we have a lot of them back to back to back. I needed to vent. And write something that doesn't require citations. I have so many posts I want to write about really great things that have been happening. And I will write them! Probably in January.

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Youre so close, you got this! Also, this is random -- you live in Utah, right? I can't find an email address anywhere on your blog so you should email me about something! Leahloughran@gmail.com :)

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