January 13, 2016

I meant to write a post at thirty weeks, but Stefan and I were both sick last week so it didn't happen - taking any pictures last week, especially didn't happen.

So here we are, week thirty-one! Two months to go! TWO MONTHS!?

Most people keep telling me I still look small. Can we all just not comment on how any woman looks when she's pregnant? I know telling me I look small is supposed to be a compliment -  or at least not an insult? I think? - but it makes me feel weird and uncomfortable. Like I'm doing something wrong. I'm not doing anything wrong! This baby is healthy. Every time we see the doctor we measure normal and everything looks "perfect," as my old OB liked to say. Plus I feel great. Sorry if you don't want to hear that, but I still feel great!

Actually, my back really hurts (I didn't realize how weird my posture is getting until we took these pictures! I can't help but overcompensate. Having a straight back is physically impossible right now) and I haven't been sleeping well at all. But it's worth it! I feel great. And I love love love this baby. And I also love every baby boy in the whole world, especially the blond ones. I want to scoop them all up and snuggle them and you know what, sometimes I do. I cannot wait for this little boy to come! 

Probably the biggest update is that our baby is moving all the time. It's been fun for me to notice how the movements change. It used to be way more popcorn-like. That's how I always imagined it being before I was pregnant, too. Little jabs here and there. But the past couple weeks we have moved on to full on waterbed movements. More of a consistent flowing, like he is always readjusting, trying to get comfortable. He was actually moving a ton while we took these pictures, and I kept thinking we would be able to see my stomach stretching out to one side or the other in a picture if we caught him in the act. Haha. It's really sweet to feel, and also to watch! One of my favorite things is actually watching my belly and seeing him move. I'll be honest, it's kind of nuts.

It has been a little frustrating at times because so often the baby stops moving right when Stefan comes to feel him. But one day when Stefan and I were snuggling in bed, he rolled over so we were basically spooning. Right then the baby started kicking a ton and Stefan felt it all right on his bum. "Hey, he's kicking my butt!" It's happened a lot now, and I still laugh every time.

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I think little boys just know when daddy is near- my boy would hold still mostly until we were spooning too then kick daddy like crazy in the back. :)

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