January 02, 2016

We had a great Christmas in Chicago this year - both of Stefan's siblings and their families were here, plus some extended family and friends who count as family. We didn't see any snow until after Christmas, but I did catch some thunder in the middle of all the rain and that was more than okay with me. 

This first batch of pictures comes mostly from my phone: We bought a new car just in time for the long drive from Utah to Illinois. We LOVE it. We maybe even love it more than we miss our old ones, which is saying a lot for me. // I already posted about my baby shower in Provo, but Meg gets another shout out in this post for pulling that thing together. She is so, so thoughtful. // I'm not embarrassed to say Stefan and I spent a lot of time playing Crash Team Racing during the break. I'm especially not embarrassed to say it because I definitely win the most improved award. I've never been good at video games, but I seriously feel like I had a break through that week! // We went downtown one night to soak in some Christmas magic. Obviously the Peanuts windows were a highlight for me. // We went downtown again after Christmas to see Gotta Dance on its opening night! It's a new musical Stefan's uncle helped write, and I definitely laughed out loud a ton. Hopefully the show will make it to Broadway soon! // Guys, I don't know how it happened, but Stefan and I went for our second ever run together on Christmas Eve. We probably ran less than two miles, and this pregnant lady was taking it pretty slowly, but we had a lot of fun out there. // My Christmas gift from Stefan! I have wanted to own all the Harry Potter books in hardback for a while, so Stefan started my collection for me with this new illustrated version. I love it. // On Christmas Eve we went to a midnight (9:00PM...) mass at a local church. The candlelight service was beautiful, and definitely helped me focus on the Savior. // Matching with my cute niece on Christmas day.

I finally ate at Sarkis! Stefan loves this place, and they were closed when we tried to go last year. I ordered what I was told to order - bacon loretta with cheesey hash - and was not disappointed. Although apparently you're supposed to order it with a Coke, but obviously I substituted a Dr. Pepper. At eighty-thirty in the morning, sue me.

^^^ Possibly my favorite picture from the whole break. My two boyfriends.

^^^ If I remember right, Stefan's brother was pretty proud after taking this one. "This looks like Humans of Chicago!"

^^^ Stefan said his Prez Obama burger was the best burger he's had in a long time.

^^^ We were both really proud of our wrapping jobs on each others' gift. Also everyone was talking about my gift for Stefan because it was the biggest... it was one of those bed rest pillows that help you sit up so you can read in bed. Haha. Not the most exciting, but I knew he'd like it and use it all the time!

^^^ Possibly the sweetest gift from the whole holiday. Stefan and his uncle Peter have always been really close. One thing they have in common is that they both speak Dutch because they each lived in the Netherlands for two years while serving as full time missionaries for our church. Stefan's uncle bought this Dutch children's fairytale book while he was on his mission, and this Christmas he passed it on to Stefan so he can read it to our little boy. Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard!?

I hope everyone who reads this had a wonderful Christmas! Here's a link to one of my favorite Christmas-related articles I read this year.

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What a fun Christmas and now you two truly are "Humans of Chicago".

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