January 25, 2016

Stefan and I got to spend all last week in Redondo Beach while he worked and I... played? I spent my week wandering around town, calling my mom, reading, napping, teaching myself hand embroidery, napping, reading.. We stayed with friends, and they were the best hosts! We loved spending time with them and their kids, eating at some of their favorite places, and taking advantage of how close they live to Disneyland.

My computer charger finally bit the dust this week, so I don't have the pictures from our real camera yet. (I tried to upload and edit them on Stefan's computer, but it was already too big of a pain five minutes in.) But these phone pictures are pretty high quality, right? Per usual, the weather was not great while we were in California. But it was a whole lot better than the single digit weather we left behind. 

A few of my favorite memories from this trip... all involve how cute Stefan is. I wasn't sure how to end that sentence, but I think that covers it. Like when we were at Trader Joe's and Stefan saw all the fresh flowers and asked me if I wanted some. I told him probably not while we were on a trip - where would I put them? But then he got all serious, "Do you want me to buy you flowers more?" I told him he does buy me flowers! But he asked if I wanted to get them more often.. What was I supposed to say - no!? So when we made it home this weekend, he ran to the grocery store while I did the laundry, and he brought me back some pretty flowers.

He also picked out new pants when we went shopping one day and he loves them so much and I love them so much and he looks so cute in them.

Okay last one. We had to get to the airport at five in the morning to catch our flight back. I got maaaybe three hours of sleep the night before so needless to say, I was not doing well. Then this airport employee was telling me my carry on was too big. Stefan had already made it up the escalator so I was by myself. This lady was not being especially kind or helpful, and I honestly was too exhausted to even form real words. When I finally caught up to Stefan I was on the brink of tears. After we made it through security, he sat me down and tied my shoes for me (it's getting harder to bend over every freaking day). Then when we made it to our gate, he sat me down again and left to buy me some breakfast.

I love being able to take fun trips like this , but mostly I love taking fun trips like this with Stefan.

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Traveling with your love is seriously the best. I love cali!

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