January 18, 2016

^^^ Can you tell I don't know how to pose with this belly? I see how other pregnant girls pose, but then when I think about standing that way myself I feel over the top. So then I end up looking like this... woof.

// Escaping winter with a week in California! We kicked our week off with a run/...walk to the beach this morning. / American Airlines serving Dr. Pepper on our flight here, and giving us the whole can. / Nice friends who let us park our car in their garage for a week. / Nice friends who invited us to stay with them for a week. / Having a best friend in the city and running errands together all day. / Everyone's nice and helpful comments about Stefan's haircut. / Friday night temple date with Stefan. / Getting art ready to hang in the baby's nursery. (starting with what's most important in that room, for sure...) / Binging on Gilmore Girls one night last week for the first time in way too long. (end of season four - DEAN, GET OUT.) / Stefan wanting ice cream while I was gone one night, but leaving two bowls and the ice cream scoop on the counter and waiting for me instead. //

ALSO, my facebook memories told me I started blogging four years ago today! What a ride, you guys. And to celebrate...

Here are some of the most popular posts to date:

And some of my favorites:

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Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Cali looks warm but Illinois has sunny skies (along with the below freezing temps). I love your TOU marathon post. That was a top five marathon for me. Good times, except the Root Beer overall from the night before.

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