February 11, 2016

I may be from a really small town, but that doesn't mean there's no good food when we go home to visit. First up: Cinnamon rolls from Beachy's. There is a small Amish community a half hour or so from my hometown, and one of their main grocery stores sells some serious treasures. During this visit, we grabbed the last two pans of these sticky, really healthy cinnamon rolls and some homemade jams, salsas, and seasonings. I also bought a baby toy there because they had an aisle full of Melissa and Doug stuff!? I'll take it. Middle picture: Typical scene on any Emmett countertop. Plus after I took this picture my dad told me I had missed a fourth Dr. Pepper bottle sitting on the table. And finally: The original Jimmy John's may not be around any more, but the new one across the street still makes good sandwiches. We stuffed our faces with that communal bowl of chips while we watched Grease Live - thank goodness my parents have TiVo! I was a tiny bit underwhelmed with it overall, but I do think Aaron Tveit killed it and I want to watch more things with him in them asap.

You guys, if you like the movie Grease, or things filmed in the late 70's in general, you will love this. My mom is a basically a 70's movie star! When she was in high school she was part of a group from Utah that made a bunch of film strips based on the Old Testament to be used in Seminary. <<< Click there if you want to know more about Seminary/why I woke up at five in the morning all four years of high school. 

My mom is/was obviously a babe, so it's no surprise she was chosen to help tell the story of Job. Let me set the scene: Heather Rose had it all - she was gorgeous, smart, friendly, popular, kind, all things good. Then after hiking in the mountains (wearing clogs) and almost falling right off a cliff! she and her friends wreck their car driving down the canyon, and while no one else walks away with even a bruise, Heather is paralyzed. Talk about a test of faith! But she comes out on top and shares a seriously heartfelt testimony of faith with her non-believing parents at the end.

I've seen the film strips a few times, but it had been years. Plus Stefan had never seen them, so we decided it was time to pull them out again. My dad mastered taping the cassette tapes back together and running the slides/audio for the whole show. The rest of us hardly mastered stifling our laughs so Stefan could actually hear what was going on. A night to remember, let me tell you.

Last but not least, don't you hate how long it takes for your drink to get to the bottom of a vending machine after you make your selection!? Same. That's why I only use the vending machines at the "lawn mower graveyard" in Lerna, Illinois. (Pop. roughly 250)

The World's Fastest Pop Machine is another classic from my upbringing Stefan had yet to experience, so this trip was obviously a really huge deal. The vending machines are seriously in the middle of nowhere and super super old. One of them is out of commission because a bunch of the glass is broken. Anyway, the idea is that the cans come out so fast you can't hit the button to make your selection and then catch the can at the bottom with the same hand. Search the hashtag #WorldsFastestPopMachine on instagram and you'll probably find a slow motion video of my friend Mark proving just how fast it is!

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Well I would've been fast enough to catch the pop if it hadn't psyched me out so much.

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