March 08, 2016

This baby is due to make his arrival in exactly one week, aaand I'm wondering where the last nine months of my life went? But at the same time, it makes my head hurt to think about everything that has happened since we found out we were going to have a baby. It's been a long nine months coming!

Stefan took these pictures yesterday - and I'll say right now that my hair is the same color it has always been, I don't know why it looks so dark in these pictures!? - anyway, look at that basketball belly.

I still really can't complain much about this pregnancy. But I will say the past couple weeks have been a little rough. Most nights, sleeping is worse than ever. I'm restless, achy, too hot then too cold. I'm generally uncomfortable all the time, and I find myself being able to do less and less. I can't bend over, roll over, sit up, or stand at the sink to rinse a dish. I can just barely shave my legs..

At our appointment last week, the doctor said I was one centimeter dilated and had started having small contractions. I still don't really feel the contractions, but I think I have started noticing them? Sometimes my stomach gets rock hard and I feel a lot of pressure, but no pain.

I go back and forth about feeling ready. Sometimes I think about what labor will be like, and I am so scared. Sometimes I think about what labor will be like and I feel unstoppable, but usually I am so scared. Overall, I think I'm mostly anxious. And excited. 

The best part right now is probably how excited Stefan is! I think he has his moments of feeling scared and anxious too, but most the time he's telling me he cannot wait for the baby to come. We're so ready to meet our little guy and snuggle his guts out! We're also a little nervous about how this baby will change everything.. but we'll take it one day at a time.

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you are the cutest pregnant lady! my best friend was due yesterday and she is still waiting, it makes me anxious and excited just thinking about it. I'm not pregnant or anything but I sometimes get nervous about labor down the road, but something that always comforts me is that literally BILLIONS of people have gone through it, most of them with far fewer modern comforts and safeguards than I'll have, and the vast majority of them ended up just fine. haha. you will be amazing! "unstoppable", like you said :)

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