March 01, 2016

When Stefan and I decided to move, I was honestly a little bummed because I thought we probably wouldn't have a baby shower. I thought it would be too early to have one in Provo before left, and I was sure I wouldn't even have any friends to invite to a baby shower in our new home. Turns out I was one hundred percent wrong - here I am documenting our third baby shower! We seriously feel so lucky and loved, I can't even explain how much.

Stefan's sister and mom threw this shower for me in their hometown. Lots of their family friends came, and I was pleasantly surprised because not only did I know all of them, I felt like I really knew them. Like they were my friends, too! They weren't only there to support Stefan or his mom or his sister or the baby - they were there for me too, for all of us. Then I even had some girls there who we didn't know before we moved here two months ago. Real life, brand new friends who came to support me. I guess I just wasn't exactly sure what to expect from that day, but it was so fun and left me feeling like a zillion bucks.

^^^ 1. With the party planners. Looking at this picture I just remembered something Stefan's sister said the day we called to tell her I was pregnant. At the time, we were still living in the basement apartment at Stefan's grandparents' house. Dani and her husband also lived there when they were first married, and during that phone call she goes, "We found out we were pregnant for the first time on the same toilet!" Hahaha, if that doesn't bond you for life, I don't know what does. 2. My belly ten minutes ago, because I'm currently wearing the same shirt I wore to the shower. Not much fits me these days... 3. Friends from church! Stefan and I love love love everyone in our new ward. We're hoping our boy will be just like the sweet one in this picture. And that this guy's little sister who is due this spring will be our baby's girlfriend.

Unsurprising to anyone who knows my in-laws, they chose a travel theme for this shower! I didn't know it, but apparently there is a baby-specific version of the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" So they decorated with maps and globes and vintage luggage, they served finger foods and drinks and treats from probably two dozen (not exaggerating) different countries, and everyone signed a copy of the book "Oh Baby, the Places You'll Go!" for our little man.

Per my (maybe lame) request, we didn't play any silly or gross games. Instead we chatted and laughed and ate and drooled over every single gift. Ho-ly cow. Every day I am floored by how thoughtful and generous our friends and family are. I swear, every gift at this shower made my jaw drop. Homemade blankets, a hand-knitted sweater, other moms' favorite books, medicine, and toys for their own kids, Chicago-themed gifts, personalized artwork, I could go on and on and on and on. I felt like everyone there really took time to think about Stefan and me and this little baby - what we like, what we'll need. It has honestly made Stefan and I stop multiple times and think, "We need to be more like these people! More thoughtful and caring and aware and selfless!" It feels incredible to be surrounded by such good, good people.

We really can't thank everyone enough for being part of this baby shower - and everyone else who has supported and loved us since we found out our family is getting a new member! He is due to make his arrival two weeks from today, and I'm feeling like these next fourteen days may drag on more slowly than anything I have ever experienced. Stefan tells me every day that he's ready for the baby to come, it's so cute. We seriously cannot wait!

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