March 15, 2016

A lot of people asked me how I was going to stay busy during these two and a half months between graduating and welcoming our baby - a lot of people still ask me how I've been keeping busy.. I'll start by saying that it hasn't always been easy. I've talked about how it's been hard to not have a set schedule, responsibilities, or really any accountability at all. It's also been difficult to find energy some days. My body is exhausted, the weather is gloomy, some days the only person I talk to is Stefan.. You know the feeling.

So it hasn't always been easy, but I do feel like I've made a really good effort! Here are a few things I've been doing to pass the time, in case you're looking for ideas to keep yourself busy or in case you just want to be sure I am not actually the laziest person you know. 

1. Thank you cards: This is not here to toot my own horn. If anything, it's here to brag about how awesome our family and friends are! I've said it before and I'll probably talk about it forever - we have been so well taken care of in terms of preparing for this baby. We owed so many thank you's to so many incredible people. It was nice to remember those people and their thoughtful gifts as I wrote out the cards. It was also a really big project that made me feel unbelievably accomplished once it was done. Also, buy the cute stamps/cards/envelopes/whatever! These flower stamps made the whole process ten times better for me! Because I am a child!

2. Painting. Painting painting painting: Stefan and I didn't have much furniture when we moved. We also didn't have loads of money to drop on brand new furniture. So instead we went the used furniture route and dropped lots of money on paint! Kidding. We definitely saved a lot of money doing it this way, but man did I spend a lot of hours painting. I do not recommend painting a whole dining set with a paintbrush. Oh, you already knew that was a bad idea? Yeah, me too..  I won't say painting the table and chairs was the worst or most miserable experience of my life, but it was truly, really awful. But! I also painted a dresser for the baby's room, and that was infinitely easier, faster, all around 1000x better. 

 3. Mmm.. I had nothing to do with this, but look at Stefan fixing our toilet! He has obviously been busy working full time, but he's been really helpful with lots of other tasks and projects, too.

4. Crafts: I bought this V from a craft store when I was home last month, and painted it one night in probably fifteen minutes. This is really important stuff, you guys! You thought I wasn't doing anything important with my time!

5. Reading: I bought the top book for Stefan a while ago, and he has been reading it out loud to me in the evenings. I think it's the sweetest story. It's a quick poetry read if you're in the market for a good one. The other three I read/am reading on my own and I love them all.

 6. Knitting! Our first Sunday at church here the sweetest lady (who already knew Stefan) asked me if I knew how to knit. When I told her I didn't, she instantly took down my phone number and said she would love to teach me. Two months later, I finished this little square! It has lots of holes and may not serve much of a purpose yet, but hey - I made it!

7. Birthday gifts: My mom had a birthday earlier this month. Why is it so hard to find a good gift for parents!? But this year I nailed it, obviously.. you can tell by the picture. Like any good daughter would do, I pulled out my fancy markers and made my mom's gift! My mom is always sending me little things in the mail, and she includes a cute card every time. So I bought a package of blank cards and envelopes from the store and decorated them for her. I'm a child. I also made another birthday gift for someone, but it's still in the mail so I guess I won't post it here yet.

 8. Exercising: Sorry/you're welcome for no pictures. I've been trying to get out and exercise a couple times a week. Stefan and I have gone on a couple short runs together, sometimes I'll go on a walk by myself, and sometimes I stay inside with some killer modified pregnancy workouts. Hahaha, one time I told Stefan I was going to go exercise in the living room. I had looked around on Pinterest for some at-home, easy pregnancy workouts ideas - squats, lunges, wall push-ups, calf raises, really simple stuff. So I go in the living room and do my thing, feeling really great about myself. He comes in maybe four minutes later and asks if he can exercise with me. I told him I was already done, and he just stared at me... hahaha. Because I love him, I did another round with him.

9. Baby prep! Of course!: I spent a lot of time organizing his room, washing his clothes, packing a hospital bag, going to doctors appointments, reading up on all things labor/delivery/baby.. I sure hope we're ready for him! (Considering today is his due date and there's no sign of him... hellloooo baby? Swear I'm not impatient.) I've tried to make sure we're stocked up on groceries, have a clean apartment and fresh laundry.. I was all prepared for this baby to catch us off guard, and now I'm having to do all the things I thought I was doing for the last time before he came, again. Oh well, I like a guy who takes his time.

So there you go! I have also loved having lots of time to spend with Stefan and our family and friends. We've really lucked out, making some great friends here really quickly. We both have assignments at church that keep us busy. We've discovered and been introduced to lots of good restaurants, we've gone downtown a few times, we even saw a movie in theaters last week? We never do that! It's been a really good couple months with just the two of us, but we're definitely ready to become a family of three. 

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