May 10, 2016

I've been around for a lot of Mother's Days. Every year I love the opportunity to celebrate my own mom, my grandmothers - all the women who have impacted my life. I've imagined future Mother's Days where my kids will make me cards and bring me breakfast in bed. But this first Mother's Day with a newborn was a little different. I never really thought about what it might feel like to celebrate this holiday as a brand new mom. Peter is not quite two months old, and Stefan and I are only slowly climbing out of survival mode. So it felt like this first Mother's Day was a perfect opportunity to take a good look at where I am in life right now. What it means to me to be a mother right now.

Right now, being Peter's mother means I get to type this with one hand while he sleeps on my arm. It means I get to wake up and feed him late at night and early in the morning. It means I get to watch the funny faces he makes when he stretches. It means I get to change his tiny diapers and gawk as he outgrows newborn sizes. It means I get to lay on the couch and nap with him on my chest as much as he'll let me. It means I get to take a shower, eat, or use the restroom whenever he says it's okay. It means I get to sit in the backseat of the car with him and try to make him happy while we're driving. It means I get a front row seat to watch his daddy make him smile. It means I can get him to smile every now and then, too. It means I get to kiss his chubby cheeks and chubby everywhere else as much as I want. Because every day my baby Peter gets a little bit chubbier, and every day I love him a little bit more.

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