May 19, 2016

>>> IS HE NOT THE SWEETEST THING. My mom helped me pick out his little outfit - she says it looks like he's off to play tennis - and the blanket he's on was made by my great-grandmother! All my mom's grandkids have used it on their blessing days. IS THAT NOT THE SWEETEST THING.

Okay, I don't know how to start this post. I keep trying, and all my intros sound so formal and goofy. Basically, in the LDS church, newborn babies receive a special blessing. More often than not the baby's father is the one to offer the blessing, but other family members and friends who hold the Priesthood are invited to stand in the blessing circle with him. Stefan did a beautiful job as he listened to the promptings of the Spirit and blessed baby Peter a few weeks ago. 

Peter drank a nice, big bottle right as church began, so he was in an awesome milk coma and happy as could be for the blessing. Didn't make a single peep! As Stefan carried him to the front of the chapel, my sister leaned over to me and said, "I wish Stefan looked at least a little excited about this.." Obviously a sarcastic comment because Stefan was beaming. He loves our little boy to the moon and back again a million times, and that is no secret to anyone. I am so, so happy Stefan was able to bless our little boy, and I hope with everything I've got that Peter will grow up to be just like his dad.

Also, both my sisters were there! All our Illinois family was there too, but it was extra sweet for me to have my sisters in town for Peter's special day - and then to get to hang out with them all week! Truth be told, we didn't get any pictures on the actual blessing day. It was rainy and busy and I guess I wasn't very on top of things. But I'm grateful for a family who will get dressed up again three days later to stage some "blessing day" pictures with me. I'm sure Peter is grateful, too.

>>> This was a practice shot, but I kept it to remember the chaos behind the other nice pictures. ;)

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