a whole lot of peter boy

June 29, 2016

just a few favorite, low-quality phone pictures of our little guy. enjoy!

LITTLE ANGEL BOY. this one almost gives you an idea of how massive this kid's hands (and feet) were when he was born. also i was very sad when he outgrew that onesie.

i remember him being so happy and smiley the morning i took this one! and i'm sad he outgrew this one, too.. he's wearing all my favorite old outfits in this post i guess.

lovin' on his aunt.

 this kid loves his giraffe - who stefan and i took the liberty of naming jerry. we met another couple whose friends named their son's giraffe pacifier gary. gary the giraffe? it might look right, but it sounds wrong.

we sent this one to dad when we were missing him once.

i left peter on his back for one minute and came back to find him like this! i still haven't actually witnessed him roll over.

ladies man.

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