June 16, 2016

I had to look it up just to be sure, and it's true - Peter isn't a newborn anymore! Today he is three months old, and the internet tells me that officially makes him an infant. I love my infant. At three months old, Peter is obsessed with his hands. He is sucking on them every chance he gets, and he is so close to sucking his thumb! He can get his thumb into his mouth, but isn't quite sure what to do with it at that point. He's also talking a lot! Not really using his lips much, just wide open mouth coos and sighs. Stefan and I love having little conversations with him. Sometimes he'll sleep for seven hours straight at night which would be incredible, if not for the fact that I will still wake up every couple hours stressing about why he hasn't woken up yet. He loves staring at lights and fans, and he will sit totally still on our laps long enough for us to read him a few short books. He is such a happy, good baby! Stefan and I tell each other all the time, "He is perfect." We're obviously in love with our Peter boy.

I guess the fact that I never posted when he hit one or two months gives you a hint of how crazy it was around here for a while. It was nuts. Newborns are no joke! I still have so so so much I want to post, but I guess things are going to get out of order for a while because today I just really wanted to use my precious, valuable time while Peter is napping to post these sweet pictures and write a little about our favorite boy. 

So look out for posts about our first (really tough) weeks as parents, why we chose Peter's name, my thoughts on nursing (if you care), and our first big family trip to Iceland and London!

 ^^^ For everyone (Molly) who thinks Peter sometimes looks like a turtle.

PS - He isn't wearing clothes in these pictures because he's never wearing clothes these days unless we leave the house. Partly because it's hot and mostly because nakey Peter is the cutest.


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(Sorry, I needed to spell check!) Anyway, I just said how awesome these pictures are! I have one ready to print out right now. I love that he's a good eater and sleeper and he's getting chubby! He is the sweetest boy!

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Please post your new posts soon!!! The best/cutest blog. And I'm looking forward to the parenting and nursing one!

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