July 26, 2016

I guarantee/promise I won't write a post every time Peter turns another month older, but he has changed so much lately that I need to record some of it!

First and foremost, we have a roller. Peter had rolled over a handful of times, but I had never seen it and honestly I think they were mostly flukes.. Then one afternoon he rolled over while Stefan and I both happened to be out of the room again. [He was on the floor - safe and sound, I promise!] We flipped him back over and cheered him on/begged him to do it again. It took him a couple tries of getting so close, and then finally he did it! And we saw it! And from then on, he hasn't ever stopped! We've had a couple close calls, but so far so major bumps or falls.

Peter has also most definitely found his voice. Stefan is the best at getting big, real giggles out of him. I get yells and screams more often than not.. But I seriously love it all. Sometimes he really is the loudest when he's happy. That's when we get the pterodactyl screams.

And grabbing! This guy is getting so good at grabbing and picking things up. And putting everything in his mouth. We finally broke out some toys this past week, and he is loving them. For a week or so he was awesome at grabbing his pacifier and pulling it out, but they never could get it back in. Now he's even figuring that out! He's learning so quickly! He kind of gave up on sucking his thumb, and now he just goes for whatever fingers he can get - including ours. He also loves when we clap, snap, or crack our knuckles, as the case may be..

I think the hardest part about this stage is that he's figuring out he can do some things, but he still can't do everything he wants. He wants to crawl so badly. I'll lay him down on his back, he will immediately roll over onto his stomach, and then you can tell he is ready to take off but just isn't quite there. I think it frustrates him a lot. A while ago Stefan's sister told us she felt like Peter's body was holding him back. Haha, like he knows what he wants to say or do but can't quite figure out how. And I totally agree! But he is getting so close. I am one part so proud of him and one part a little terrified for all the chaos that is right around the corner.

Oh! We also just switched from using five ounce bottles to eight ounce bottles. They are massive and make me want to cry. I miss the little baby bottles.

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