August 02, 2016

^^^ we call it his adventure hat.

I know I'm months behind with my posts, but I was still trying really hard to keep them in chronological order. However, it turns out it's way easier to make a quick post about the Fourth of July than it is to write a long post about our time in London! And I want to keep writing so I don't completely lose momentum. So here you go!:

I love celebrating the Fourth of July and knew whatever we did this year, it had to be outside - all day! Fortunately, our morning at the beach was overcast and cool. Unfortunately, those are the days we get the worst sunburns.. We had sunscreen with us, but when you're a little chilly you're just sure you don't need to use it. I feel like we need to have a day like that at least once every summer. Then we spend a week bathing in aloe and re-learn our lesson. 

We spent a good chunk of the day at the beach playing horse shoes, napping, "sailing," and snacking. Peter loved being outside and dipping his toes in the sand and water. He was a good napper, and a happy boy all day. After the beach we headed back for a barbecue, complete with three different homemade desserts. #America! We passed on fireworks this year because we were really working on a set bedtime routine for Peter, and all the firework shows started kind of late. Plus we didn't know if he would get scared? Also traffic. But we did catch a few random fireworks on our drive home! Stefan even let me play my Fourth of July playlist it the car, and of course I wore my American flag hat. It was a great day.

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