August 27, 2016

I'm back with another eight minute memoir. Here is a link to the original idea. It's a good idea - to keep writing. About things that matter and things that don't. To clear your head or your heart or whatever it is that needs clearing.

I don't remember an August when I wasn't starting a new school year. Because there hasn't been one since I was in preschool. Until now! Honestly, it doesn't feel very weird. I have a different life now. I have plenty to keep me busy. I haven't really thought about school in a while. I haven't missed it. I've missed Provo and campus and people I met there, but I haven't missed school. 

Someday I'm sure I will miss it, after I've spent a little more time away. I hope once I start really missing school I'll be ready to start really learning again. Right now I say I'm ready - I say I want to read more and sign up for a dance class and work on my art and pick up piano again. But I feel like I'm not bouncing back from having a baby as quickly as I thought I would. All those things sound exhausting, and I don't feel ready. Maybe I'm lazy. Or maybe I'm not ready.

Anyway, all that was interrupted by Peter about sixty times so I have no idea how long I actually spent writing.

Here's a picture of me on the morning I found out I got into BYU. I didn't have a blog back then wooooah!

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Ok I'm seriously loving these posts. Please, please do more!!! I used to love school when there was no pressure of a career. I love learning and just taking random classes, so I miss that side of schooling. My husband just graduated this summer, so I totally get what you mean. Whether it be me or him, I've been in the whole "back to school" mindset for most of my whole. It feels weird now that it's all done.. well until our kids start going to school ;)

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