August 31, 2016

*** These posts are brought to you by my really, really, really cool family who found out Stefan and I had broken our camera lens, knew how sad I would be to be camera-less at a family reunion, got together and bought me a fancy new lens, then surprised me with it as an early birthday present at the beginning of this trip. I KNOW. THE BEST.

^^^ outside Independence Hall

Back in the good old days, my dad spent two years of his young adult life serving in and around Philadelphia as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Not so long after that, he, my mom, and my two oldest siblings lived in State College, Pennsylvania for a few years while my dad studied at Penn State University. So my family has lots of ties to Pennsylvania! When our church announced it would be building a new temple in Philadelphia, my dad said it would be his dream trip to go see it. So we did! All eighteen of us. 



We started off our week with some national history! We saw the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Elfreth's Alley, and Benjamin Franklin's face everywhere we looked. We also saw a lot of gift shops, and I can't even blame that one on the kids. We had lunch at the Reading Terminal Market, where we ran into some cute sister missionaries who were headed home that same week. We walked our tails off, stopped for some yummy sodas, mentioned the word humidity three or four times, and took lots of pictures. Seriously, these are all from the first day, and we were there for a week:

^^^ when your fruit snacks do not want to open.

^^^ my mom bought some of the older grandkids these stuffed eagles, but then Peter got a hold of one and slobbered all over it.. so then it became Peter's, and my mom bought a new one for the original owner. i named him baldy and made sure he got in on the photo shoot action.

^^^ keepin' it real.

^^^ my current phone screensaver, if you hadn't already guessed it.

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