October 09, 2016

We took a morning to visit Valley Forge and learn a whole bunch about an incredible time in our nation's history. The visitor's center was fun - we ran into baby George Washington! and learned a lot about the events leading to the decision to camp at Valley Forge, as well as what happened while the troops were there. Outside we saw replicas of the cabins our soldiers built and lived in, Washington's quarters, and the beeeautiful landscape. Green green and more green, just how I like it. They have a cool audio tour you can do while you drive through - which we actually didn't turn on because Peter was sleeping and I was feeling lazy... - but I'm pretty sure the other cars listened to it, and I would go back some day to try it again! After Valley Forge we headed to this giant mall where we basically tore apart Chick-fil-A and Primark.

And of course - the main event! We toured the new Philadelphia temple one hot, hot morning, and it was the best. Our first stop was the Stake Center (church building) across the street where we watched an informational video. And where we saw our favorite missionary! Stefan's best friend's little sister is serving in the Philadelphia mission, and we didn't even plan to see her - just totally got lucky! We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the temple, but you can see some HERE. I love the way the church uses local influence in the design of temples - that really stood out to me throughout this one. I mean, one of the first things you notice when you walk in is a giant painting of the founding fathers signing the Declaration of Independence! It was commissioned specifically for the temple, and it was beautiful. 

After the temple we ate a yummy, tired lunch, and then marched a mile to see Rocky! I'm not sure how many of us have even seen a Rocky movie... but my niece had watched some highlight videos on YouTube and she showed me one, so I think we still qualified for a visit to the statue.

Another little trip downtown to see the LOVE statue... which is under construction, so we only this baby one. Oh well, I still love my boys. And Peter loves his grandma! After that semi-disappointing venture, we headed to the river for some yummy drinks and a walk and also a little break on a giant red chair. That humidity takes it out of you! 

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