November 09, 2016

We moved! Twice in ten months. I never wrote about the first move.

Dear Chicago,

Stefan and I picked you! We basically could have picked anywhere, and we picked you straight out of college. We wanted a change of pace. We wanted to try living in a city before we had multiple kids. We wanted to be close to family. I love you for your wonderful food and beautiful lake. I love you for your sports and Millennium Park. I love you for your L and your river, the hospital where Peter was born and my number one doctor. I love you for the people I met through church - some of the people I look up to most in the whole world. I love you for enticing our friends to come visit and stay with us. I love you for your millions of McDonalds and Walgreens locations, because yeah I frequented both. I love you for bringing me close to my parents during a few months when I really needed it.

Ahem... I do not love you for your traffic or your rats in the alleys. I do not love you for making me pay to do my laundry all the way in the basement. I do not love your noise - your sirens and yelling and honking.

I really wish I could have hacked it as a cool, young mom raising her kids and thriving in a big city, but I've realized I just don't have it in me. I'm glad you'll always be there for me to come back and visit.

Dear Utah,

Youuu. I always wished you were my home when I was growing up. Then I had you for over four years, and now I'm back again. I guess I couldn't stay away. I love your mountains. I love Provo Canyon in a really strong, maybe weird way. I love how much your people loved soda. I'll say it, I love BYU and I love Provo! I love all your temples. I'm really excited to explore your national parks. I love how close we live to a lot of Stefan's work projects - him leaving Peter and me to fly out here all the time was getting old. I love the quiet calm in my new town. I love living close to my sisters and their families. I love having a garage and a washer and a dryer and multiple bathrooms and I love my view, but I'm going to write more about our new home another day.

This is all to say we've already been really fortunate to have had lots of great homes since we've been married. I'm happy that no matter where I go from here, I get to take my boys with me. This year has been a ride, but I think right now we're the happiest we've been so far.

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