November 17, 2016

Last month, Stefan told me he had a big surprise for me. It took a couple days of "Should I tell you? Do you want to know? When do you want to find out? I'll give you a clue." before he finally told me to hold still and close my eyes. When he let me open them I saw him standing there wearing my Minnie Mouse hat, holding up his phone to show me our tickets. Disney World! Turns out he had a work meeting in Tampa, and I guess it's just physically impossible for either of us to get that close to Disney World without going. 

Peter was ultra wiggly on the flights, but overall he was a champ as usual. He and I spent the first day hanging out, napping, going for a walk, swimming with a really cute Scottish family, and eating at Jimmy John's. The next day was probably the second time since Peter was born that I have set an alarm. Usually I can always count on him to wake me up plenty early, but that day I wasn't taking any chances. 

Oh! Stefan had also told me I was getting another surprise once we made it to Florida. He rented a Mini Cooper. Really this should be a sponsored post for Turo because we could go on about it, but it isn't so back to Disney.

Our day in Magic Kingdom was MAGICAL, OF COURSE. Peter took multiple stroller naps - anywhere from five to thirty minutes, and honestly did surprisingly well. He loves being outside, so I think that helped. He really truly never had any idea what was going on, but I also really truly think he had a fun day! We were able to take him on so many rides, and Stefan and I were able to take turns riding the bigger ones really easily. Seriously, we worked the Fast Pass/Rider Swap system like pros. I think the only part of the day Peter really hated was the Aladdin ride. It's just like Dumbo/a carnival ride where you go around in circles and control if you want to go up and down. Maybe he was just really tired (likely) but he also had a pretty tight grip on us the whole time.

Also - and I am not making this up! - he loved Peter Pan. That was his first ride (I'm not crying, you're crying!) and the whole time he was going, "eee!" 

We didn't take many pictures, but I have a ton of video. One day soon I will cave and pay for iMovie and put it together. But I couldn't wait any longer to write about it, so there it is!

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