December 27, 2016

Christmas in Midway! Honestly, my favorite part of the whole Christmas season this year may have been celebrating from our own home. I'm valuing that more and more all the time - being home. Celebrating Christmas from home isn't something I'm used to. Growing up, my family went to Utah every year. And I wouldn't trade those years for anything! But I sure am enjoying where we are now.

These next two pictures are from fun Christmas parties! I was so happy to be at the big Emmett party again this year. All my dad's siblings, their spouses and kids, those kids' spouses and kids. We have a big dinner, nativity, talent show, and Christmas song sing along. This year my mom, sisters, our oldest niece, and I played Silent Night on the handbells. We probably would have landed fifth place, if there had been judges. Mostly I was happy to be included in our cousin picture again this year - the three of us have been recreating this since we were all babies! Minus the Christmas props. And then Meg's fancy party! I flew solo because Stefan was out of town, but luckily some of my best pals showed up too and we laughed a whole lot.

We also got to go on the sleigh ride with my family this year! Right across the street from our neighborhood - perfect. We sang Christmas carols and definitely impressed our driver with our rendition of the Osmond's It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas/Pinecones and Holly Berries. Also Peter fell asleep in Stefan's arms which was just about the sweetest thing. The sleigh ride ends at "The North Pole" where Peter met Santa Claus for the first time! Maybe it was because he had just woken up - probably not - but he didn't seem to love it. After Santa, we celebrated my sister Paige's birthday with Jimmy John's and hot chocolate. 

The next night we were making gingerbread houses at Paige's when "Santa" came again! My brother-in-law's dad loves to play Santa - he probably makes dozens of appearances every year. He owns his own Santa outfit and his white beard is real and he is just the best. My nieces and nephew know him well enough to recognize him, but they also know he is one of Santa's official "helpers." So he's still kind of the real deal. I mean he's holding his own granddaughter in that picture - how much sweeter does it get!?

We had a white Christmas! We woke up and opened our gifts at home, got ready for the day, and headed back to Paige's for more family gifts. Peter was a maniac at church, and then after our afternoon naps we head to my sister Molly's house for dinner. Peter got to stay up late because he was being so nice. I think his favorite present was the blue bouncy ball I got him from Walmart for like $1.50. Merry Christmas!  PS - I'm working on a Christmas video!

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