December 13, 2016

Stefan's family decided to go big or stay home for Thanksgiving this year, and we did not stay home. We all stayed in this big house near Manuel Antonio / Quepos in Costa Rica, and had a really fun week! Of course I lost my phone the very first day, so I didn't get to put together a little video like I wanted. And we were getting wet basically every day, so we barely pulled out the real camera either. But here is what I have!

Stefan and I both agreed our favorite part of the trip was rafting. Our guide was really fun, we got thrown off the raft a couple times, and we got to see toucans! We also loved our zip line tour - one of the zip lines was over a mile long, and we go to go upside down on two of the shorter ones. We went swimming a lot - Peter was not super great at the beach, but he seemed to like splashing in the pool! We ate a lot of pineapple and sweat our guts out at church - where the building was also flooding from the rain. Stefan was sick twice, and Peter cut some teeth which made for a few really rough nights. Stefan also tasted alcohol for the first time on the flight home when the stewardess mixed up his sparkling water with a gin and tonic. He said it tasted like straight rubbing alcohol. Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh! We also met Tony Hawk! I'm going to come back later and add the picture because it's on Stefan's phone. It was so random. On our first full day there, we stopped in some little town for lunch by the beach - totally quiet beach, not a tourist trap kind of place at all. Before we even got out of our car, Stefan's sister and her husband were pretty sure they had seen Tony Hawk walking down to surf. We were still finishing up eating when we all saw him walking back to his car! I don't know what got into me, but somehow I was the one brave enough to go ask for a picture. I think it's because I know him, but I don't love him, you know? If it had been a celebrity I really, really like I may have been too nervous. Anyway, he was really nice! Not a man of many words, though. He probably never expected to be bothered on that quiet beach, so maybe he was a little bugged. But still nice enough to take a picture! Tony Hawk Pro Skater forever!

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