January 09, 2017

Well, it happened. My baby boy fell down the stairs. I'm truly a little surprised and a little pleased it took this long. He's been crawling for months and walking for weeks, and although he loved to climb up the stairs for a while, he really wasn't ever interested in going down until recently. We had been having lots of close calls, and finally last night he made his way over there faster than I realized. I heard it, I swore, I heard him fall a little further, and then I found him face down at the bottom with a bloody nose. Then Stefan swore, we cleaned Peter up, and I snuggled him while we watched a family video. The saddest part was the blood he somehow wiped on his shirt. And also the blood that kept dripping out because he has a runny nose.

I haven't posted anywhere about him walking! He had been taking steps throughout most of December, and right around Christmas he officially became a walker. My grandma told me she considers a baby a walker when they can stand up without the help of anything or anyone and then be on their way. I love Peter's little t-rex walk with his arms up and his bum out a little. I don't really love when he seriously tries to run and ends up wiping out. I have lots of clips of him walking that I'll put in our Christmas video. 

As for today, it's 7:30 in the morning. Peter has already refused to finish half of his bottle, had two diaper changes, turned on the TV and flipped through lots of channels, forced me to slide a big bench in front of the stairs, had his nose wiped multiple times - which he definitely loves - played with some toilet water, and emptied a cabinet for me. Happy Monday.

Oh, he also learned how to wave! !!! I've been trying to teach him that one for a while. It's the cutest thing in the world, it really is. Consider this his nine and a half month update I guess. Tomorrow I'm supposed to take him to the pediatrician, but it's in Provo and I'm afraid the canyon might be too snowy.

EDIT: Stefan hinted this post may have been too much information.. Can anyone out there reassure me you've also had a baby take a tumble on the stairs? I promise, Peter is fine! It was definitely scary, but the gates went up the next day - and we did in fact make it down to the pediatrician who went over other safety tips with us so we are feeling good to go with our busy little boy. But PS - he has an ear infection! Booo. He cut a tooth right around Christmas, so I blamed that for his runny nose/cold symptoms. But he still hadn't gotten any better two weeks later.. Now we have the antibiotic so hopefully he is back to normal soon!

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