February 12, 2017

A few weeks ago, my sweet niece called me to ask if I could help with her birthday party. Honestly, my guess was she wanted to have the party at the clubhouse in our neighborhood. Ha, it's a good time! But instead she asked me to teach a paint party - how cute is that! I've seen a lot of pictures of people I know going to paint nights like this, but I had never been to one so I was pretty nervous. I also wasn't sure what these girls would already know how to do, what they would think was cool or lame.. turned out they all just liked to paint and really didn't care what I said or did! Except the one girl who did everything the same way I did, that was pretty cute. This party was so fun - cute, funny, talented girls, and everyone got to go home with something awesome that they made! I honestly think the only thing I taught them was how to blend their backgrounds from dark to light, then they all kind of took off on their own. Also my niece opened a couple gifts I seriously wanted to take home with me.. So I don't if that says something about these eleven years olds or something about me.

this picture MELTS me

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